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Monday February 28th 2011,
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This is my last chance saloon, I don’t know what i will do if this doesn’t work, i am worried that i will go back into depression and anxiety and thats somewhere i don’t want to be .

I started writing this blog a long time ago…believe me i wish i was as fat now as i was then..ive put on so much weight and its ridiculous.

Ive never been happy with my body. Part of me blames being bullied when i was younger, having a not so nice ‘teenagehood’ and because i have never remembered the compliments,always the insults. Realistically its because my unhealthy relationship with food  …ive always either been on a diet, eating lots of fatty naughty things because im about to start a diet or the main one….ive never  believed in myslf that i will acrually evr lose weight.

I lost about 3 stone just after i had my 1st daughter, i could see the changes but i wasnt happy. It then came to christmas and i was allowing myself to have a couple of days off , those days turned to weeks and weeks turned to fortnights. It came to january and i tried to get back on plan but because i had been so lazy and so naughty with my food i was in that mindset…and i started to miss workouts and started to have more ‘cheat’ days and say…ill just be good tomorrow, or ill just do an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow….of course that never happened. me and my partner then decided to start trying for a second baby so i thought to myself, well if im going to get fat anyway i may aswell take advantage of it and eat what i want.

There has been a couple of changes since i last wrote this in 2011 . I have bought a house, im engaged to be married on the 7th June 2018 to my amazingly supportive man and i have had 2 beautiful daughters.

I will be writing my weights and my measurements once a week and then because its on here and in the public..hopefully it will give me the kick up the arse that i soooo need.

Aswell as the above reasons i obviously want to be healthy, at the minute i am really not healthy, both in mind and body, i’m putting myself down constantly and i don’t want to get undressed in front of OH not to mention all the things that i think about myself turning into poison and making me poorly…i’m just not happy at all when i really should be.

I am going to make an appointment with the doctor as i think if i have to see someone and weigh in with them every so often i will be more motivated…but i obviously have this blog which will help me get out all my stresses and strains.


My weight at this minute is 18 st 10 lbs and my measurements are as follows

Neck – 14                  Chest- 40

Boobs-  46                Waist-39

Hips- 53                    Bum-52

L Thigh-  28              L Calf-15

R Thigh-27                R Calf-15

L Wrist-7                   R Wrist-7


My ultimate goal is to be 12 stone eventually and a size 12/14 as i think i might be happy at this size but i obviously know that noone is ever happy completely with there body. I know that this is a long way off so because of this i have set myself mini goals along the way so i have reachable goals to strive for.

My 1st goal is to be 17 st 10  lbs at least for my friends wedding celebration on the 2nd October- 72 days away. which would be a loss of 1 stone.

My 2nd goal is to be 17st 7lb for my sister’s 18th birthday party which i have to dress up for- halloween themed!!!

My 3rd goal is to be at 16 st 10lb  for my daughters christening on the 4th december – 136 days – to be at 16 stone 10 would mean that i would’ve lost 2 stone in 4 months which i think is a very reasonable goal. It would also mean that i would be the lightest i have been in a long time.

My 4th goal would be that i would like to be 16 stone for valentine’s day, and hopefully me an the OH can go out for a lovely meal and i can wear a pretty dress to show off 🙂

I have a lot more mini goals but i think it will end up complicating things if i write them all on here and i gain( hopefully not) or i lose very slowly or i lose very quickly(PLEASE!!)

Here we go…wish me luck!!

If anyone has any questions etc feel free to message me or comment on any post.

Much Love


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