This experience will change my life

A couple of days fishing on the lake is always refreshing and gives you chance to relax and think of things that you usually don’t think of. Being a man, always watching the beach volleyball is a wonderful way to pass time. But I could never imagine that a simple vacation could have such a […]

Speedo in two weeks, day 7 – He who fails to plan is planning to fail

This is by Winston Churchill and last two days proved that it is right. The days that I do the eating and workout planning early in the morning and write it down, I stick to it and the approach of let see what happens is doomed to failure and that is exactly what happened over […]

Speedo in two weeks – Day 4 – Morning

Yesterday report: No cheating. I could stick to my plan. Especially the lunch was a huge mushroom salad that I enjoyed every single bite of it. The dark side was that I couldn’t go for skate, so I missed my cardio. That’s fine and tonight I will go for 18KM to cover up. So this […]

Speedo in two weeks – Day 3 – Morning

Yesterday report: I had big cheating and that was very much expected because lack of sleep and work that requires lots of concentration. I had a chocolate chip muffin with tea. Other than that I had a pear which was out of my plan but I don’t feel that guilty about that, so I have […]

Speedo in two weeks – Day 2 – Morning

Yesterday report: I could stick to my plan all day. Cheating was limited to one plum. For skating I covered 12 KM only and I believe that is enough and I shouldn’t push it harder. So here are adjustments for today: Breakfast: 2 eggs sunny side up with smoked salmon and a cup of whole […]

Speedo in two weeks – Day 1 – Morning

Breakfast: 2 eggs sunny side up with smoked salmon and a cup of whole milk. Lunch: KFC Tuesday special (2 piece chicken meal with gravy and no fries) 3pm: a bowl of salad No dinner 30 minutes pumping iron into my muscles 15KM roller blading on the road