30 day challenge – Day 7 – Photo (below target)

Target Weight: 175.5 Actual Weight: 175.2 Next step: 175.0 All right, one week and I dropped 3.8 pounds. Great and I am happy with the first week. I am 0.3 pounds below target. I had a good night sleep last night and I went for 10KM inline skating in the morning. Let’s get back to […]

Photo day – Day 35

I came home late last night. Too tired to do my iron work so I skipped dinner and weight training and went straight to bed. I just took my pictures last night and now I can publish them. Well not that much of change compared to last week, so I HAVE to see some changes […]

Photo day and some scale jokes

Weight: 180.0 BMI: 26.3 Ok guys, here is some funny stuff. On Sunday I was 178.8 and today I am 180.0. What can be the reason? (This is a multiple choice question) a) Yesterday was my resting day, I didn’t exercise and ate like a pig. b) It is because of TOM and it is […]

Week 3 pictures

I don’t see significant change compared to last week, but I have to be patient.

Some visible changes

Yesterday I woke up with spasm on my left calf that raised the red flag that I am pushing too hard. So no scale, no work out, no skating and no iron pump. I just went for my regular low carb diet and went to work. Then I decided that it is time for some […]

Week 1 Photo day

Here are the pictures that I promissed. Sorry for delay. Do you see any improvement compared to day 1 http://www.3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/alireza/2012/05/30/every-long-journey-starts-with-one-small-step/