This experience will change my life

A couple of days fishing on the lake is always refreshing and gives you chance to relax and think of things that you usually don’t think of. Being a man, always watching the beach volleyball is a wonderful way to pass time. But I could never imagine that a simple vacation could have such a wonderful impact on my life. Well; let me explain. On Tuesday late afternoon I was fishing on the deck and one catch after another. Then some kids of different ages came on the deck and started swimming around and jumping and pushing each other into the somehow cold lake water. For sure it ruined those beautiful moments of romantic fishing, but I didn’t care because I was not serious about fishing and it was just catch and release. Anyways, after a couple of minutes a 3 more mature ladies came to the deck apparently to sit and relax and among them there was an extremely gorgeous woman with just perfect body of a teenager beach volleyball player. She had a sexy white bikini, model style of walking and for sure a lovely smile. Based on her face I could say she could be around 40, but looking at her body I could hardly go anywhere beyond 25 on my guess. She walked on the deck and after a smooth diving had around 10 minute of perfectly-formed freestyle swimming and came back to the deck and sat with the other two older ladies.
The shock was when I realized that 4 of those children call her “mom”! Holly smoke…, she was definitely older than what I guessed, but what a perfect body shape!
I can’t deny the strong sexual attraction that a man can see in such a perfect body shape, but to me the strongest part was, IF SHE CAN HAVE THAT PERFECT BODY SHAPE AT THAT AGE AFTER 4 KIDS, THEN I DEFINITLY DO IT!
I was always thinking that it is never too late and I can do it at the age of 40, but she was a living example right in front of me. I had a short chat with her and of course she was not dumb and could definitely feel my admiring eyes over her body and I could see that she was enjoying it.
Those moments are gone, but left me with a change. I mean a big change. There is a difference between knowing and believing. Everybody knows that a dead body doesn’t harm you; it doesn’t attack or bite you, but be honest with me and tell me if you can spend a night alone with a dead body in your house. If you are a doctor or work in funeral services then it is different. Those guys have seen many dead bodies and have come to believe that a dead body doesn’t hurt them. That’s the change for me. I knew that I can make it, but now I believe I can do that.

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  1. I know a woman who’s in her 40’s with three children who is in shape and looks phenomenal with her body. Really makes you realize that it is about believing in yourself and putting in the hard work and dedication to have that. We build our lives around work, relationships and bust our asses off maintaining things such as that but when it comes to our health, or ones self we stop and forget about it at times.

    As for a dead body in my house? No they stink death has a distinctive smell to it and it doesn’t matter if the person just died or has been dead for a while. I used to see all sorts of dead bodies when I worked in the hospital and the smell is unpleasant.

    Keep up the awesome work!

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