Step One!

Ok so good news!! It seems I may be getting a treadmill!! yay!!
Last time I started my diet having a treadmill completely saved me. Any food cravings I had, jump on the treadmill. Any stressful things come up, jump on the treadmill. I owe my first 40lbs lost to owning a treadmill 🙂

It would have really helped today, as my 9 month old daughter has “found her voice” lately by crying over everything lol. She cries while she crawls, cries while she plays, and has woken herself up multiple times a night the past few weeks by (oh you guessed it!) crying. So being exhausted from not sleeping + the incessant crying = bad food choices!
My Fiancé is an Aborist Apprentice and so works ungodly hours, and he is lucky if he gets to see her for an hour a night before she has to sleep, and so the main child-rearing responsibilities lie on me.

I have a habit of pushing diets off until something happens, and I honestly have felt that I may be doing so again. But I have been horribly failing with diets since my little one was born. Its a big production if I try to go out for walks everyday as I live on the second floor of a duplex so this is what it is like:

pack a diaper bag (her lunch, snacks, some water or bottle, toys, diaper’s and wipes, etc)

make sure she is wearing appropriate clothing for weather

apply sunscreen or grab blanket (again, weather)

get myself ready

put her in her exersaucer while i carry the bag and the stroller down the stairs

grab her and the keys and lock up, then put her in the stroller and go.

Its a bit more of a fuss then I can do everyday.
But thats enough blabbing for now!

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