Disappointment… :/

Well today was weigh in day. It didnt go as planned, and I cannot say that I am not disappointed. I gained 1.75 lbs. I am not quite sure where I went wrong, but I can probably guess. Maybe I didnt work as hard as I thought that I did. I have been slacking on my food journal, as it is not as easy as it could be to track calories. I am sure that That is likely where I went wrong. I found a new website called spark people that may help me keep on track better than my little book. The book is good for on the go, but its almost impractical? Im going to try and really push it this week to lose the weigh i gained and then some in order to catch up. Just sucks that I am disappointed, because I felt GOOD this weekend. What a bummer.

Thank you Liz for being there and supporting me. I really truly appreciate it!!

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