OMG… what a week…

I had a helluva week! At the beginning, like last Sunday, I got really sick with a head cold. Combine a head cold plus crappy immune system, and that means pure hell. I slept for like three days. I had a sore throat on top of that and I couldn’t even swallow. I lived off of chocolate fro-yo for three days. I think I am still recovering. The sickness threw off my Biggest Loser training big time, and it was really hard for me to get back on the wagon. I sure couldn’t have gotten back on without the support of my trainer, team mates and friends.

So Monday I had my weigh in and lost 3.75LBS!! I couldn’t celebrate because I was sicker than shit. I got giddy about it after I felt better.

The week went on and it was stressful at work because there was a trial in progress and my body was just crapping out on me. Then Friday my kitteh got really sick and is in the Vet hospital. I cried so much on Friday and couldn’t bowl (on league) or anything. I was a hot mess. Morrissey is okay and has been at the vet hospital all weekend. I hope he gets to come home tomorrow.

So yesterday we went to Fairy lake over by Bozeman. Freaking GORGEOUS!

We hiked all around the Lake. Its totally a camping spot next year for sure!!

So anywho- I did some hard cardio today and I totally hope to do okay with tomorrow’s weigh in. It wont be super because of all of my blocks, but next week will be better. Promise.

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