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I have been doing so well! I have not really faltered since i have started this. Yesterday was the first time in a week that i had any sugar! I had a small handful of reeses pieces at the movie theater. I’m so proud of myself. I have kept my calories down and have not had fast food except for Subway the other day! I am sure I lost at least three lbs so far.

Heres a bummer tho. I have a head cold 🙁

Biggest Loser 2010

So- on the 20th ( That was Monday), I started a Biggest Loser contest at my gym. I feel like that is almost a last resport for me in a sense. I need to get this weight off in order to get my health back in check and in line.

That day started off with an initial weigh in and fat measurement. I weigh in at 223#. That is my heaviest I think. I have 122# of “lean” weight and 100# of FAT weight! I came to the harsh realization that I am 100+ lbs more that what I weighed when I was in the Navy back in the late 90’s. How sad is that. Where did I let go???

My trainer is Liz, who also is a friend of mine and she works in the same building as me. It is nice to have a trainer who ios concerned about my health and will not let me “slip thru the cracks”. I think I have a chance here.

We did a “goal sheet” this week. Here is what I have:

73# to lose. I want to lose it by Valentines Day 2011. So the math is this: 12# a month for 6 months. That makes 3# a week. Do-able??

I weigh in every Monday. I am doing well so far I think and havent crashed yet. The fab chicas in my office wont let me fail… I ♥ them!