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Had the weigh in today, and i was REALLY sweating it. I have had the most stressful 2 weeks of my entire life. We all know what stress can do to your body.

Well, I got somethin to celebrate!

212.6 !!!!!!!

That makes a total loss of 9.6 lbs. I am likely not making my 5 # goal this month, but it is a short month.


Weigh in 20100219…late post

So I weighed in on Friday. I was hoping so badly that I would be under 215.

214.6. Woo hoooooo!!

I went to the gym on wednesday (or was it thursday???) and worked so much aggression and stress out. I went to the pool and went swimming for an hour on Friday, then went dancing at the bar and league bowling Friday night. I had a couple beers (bad Aj) but I deserved it I think.

That makes a 7.6 lb total loss. I dont think I am going to make my February 5# goal. But I CANT give up!!!!


I have royally plateaued with my weight. Mostly my fault I am sure. I have been under INTENSE stress, probably the most I have been under mmm…. EVER. I weighed in this morning (I know, bad Aj) and it was 215.2. I need to go to the gym, I bet I would burn off a lot of the stress and the pounds. The stress is making me feel ill, and it is totally not good for my skin flares. I have been trying madly to control it.

I do too much. I think I am over extended. Unfortunately, the obligations that I have, I cannot let go at tis time. i think I am going to step down off a few things, and it all depends on how the next week goes.

:/ ……. weigh in

Well. Weekly weigh in today.


Up 1.2 from last week. just what I wanted. Not. It was an extremely stressful week. A lot of emotional upheaval. That probably had a lot to do with it. My diet hadnt changed much other than no meats. I went to the gym once this week. I know I should go more, and I am going to. I have to keep on keeping on.

Don’t let me get me…

‘cuz I’am a hazard to myself…

For real. So I was watching Celebrity Fit Club tonight, and they were talking about the percentage of body fat they were, and I realized that my scale measures body fat. So hubby, being the curious cat he is too, relented and we measured our body fat. Mine is at like 40 something percent! Im almost half fat! *barf*. AND I sneaked a peek at my weight. Granted I jUST ATE dinner AND I was wearing all my clothes AND it is night time, the scale placed me back at 221. I KNOW the number isnt real, but it still hurt… *tear*

Another day in Paradise…

I had the hubby hide my scale, and I wanted to weigh myself SO bad today. I was a good girl and I did not weigh in yesterday before the scale was hidden. I am such a good girl.

I really want to make my goal. REALLY REALLY do. I can do it. I cant wait for it to get nice outside so I can go enjoy the mountains and the great outdoors. I am ready to go hiking and climbing, which for me, MELTS the pounds off. I would much rather do that than work out in the gym..  Hmmmm PLAYING outside or WORKING out inside… Which would you choose?? Haha.

I marvelled this weekend about how much better my pants fit me than they did 7 lbs ago. Life is sweet. I would love to be able to fit into my Work Skirt. I haven’t tried it on in ages. It fits funny (it’s a retarded cut…). Maybe i will try it on tonight and see how it goes?


So I had the hubby hide the scale from me. I really think it is detrimental that I have it.

I am doing so good, and I have to keep it up. I made the January goal, and it is another 5# I need tolose this month. I can do it !!!!!!

*Official Weigh-in 20100205

Todays Official Weigh in is 215 even. So that makes a 7.2 lbs over all loss. I didnt measure in today.

I am NOT touching the scale for the rest of the week. Til next Friday.


So I AM going to talk to the hubby and get him to hide the scale from me. Stepped on it this morning and it said 217 again. WTH.

*(*&%%*%%^[email protected]&^T$%&[email protected]#%&*^*^%()&%.


Thats what I have to say about it. It would help if I got my big ass to the gym, BUT I am having such a hard time finding time! Im exhausted all the time (I am busy, plus I really think that the Lupus makes me tired    : ( . Im frustrated.

I am starting to think that I need to do the fitday and keep track of my foods. I feel like crying. Argh!


Someone should ground me from the scale…

How am I supposed to measure my true success if I keep stepping on the damn scale?????? I will have to have the hubby hide it from me…lol.


It says 215.8, which is a great number, but I dont know how accurate it is- hence the need to weigh in once a week …   arrrrgggh!