Let’s Start At the Beginning, It’s a Very Good Place to Start

My sister in law just got back from a family gathering for Easter.  Her family had a twinkie casserole covered in strawberry pie filling and cool whip. A year ago, that would have sounded AWESOME. I literally would have craved it and probably eaten a can of strawberry frosting. Yes, I used to binge on cans of frosting. The other night I craved it again, but stopped myself. Even so, when my SIL mentioned it today, my first reaction was feeling sick.

Granted, I feel sick today. This has been an incredibly bad week for my sarciodosis. I’ve been exhausted and had a horrible headache for days. I made the mistake of pushing myself Thursday and going to Walmart after my doctor’s appointment. I’ve decided I’d rather take chemo than go to Walmart. It’s like the armpit of the universe.

Yes, I realize this entry has very little cohesion. Tomorrow I shall write something more informed and intelligent.