Hello world!

What do you do when food is your “cure”? Sad?….eat something and be happy…..mad?…eat and be happy….bored?…..eat……I have come to realize I pretty much made food my hobby and not in a good way. When I limit or restrict food, it is all I can think about!

Hi my name is Nicole and I am an addict…..to food.

It becomes a very hard thing when you start on something new and it is a struggle, then you think to yourself that these changes you’ve made will need to be changes that you keep for the rest of your life. I know that the trick for me is that I have to find another “happy”.

so goodbye my over processes sugar coated yummies. I am ending our affair today.  I know that you will continue to tempt me, but if I want to keep my new relationship with myself strong and healthy….I must not cheat with you. 🙂