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I am back. After a long time of wondering whether I could ever learn to control my eating habits and lose weight. I now have the confidence and will power to do this!! 4 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers with my mother. They have a new program that we wanted to try. As someone who has done WW twice before, to no avail I have to say that this program is amazing. I honestly never thought losing weight could be just another part of my life. I always thought that I had to sacrifice beyond measure. Sure I can’t eat the cheeseburger and french fries I want everyday. But I can have a bite if my boyfriend is having some.

I have learned not to deprive myself what I want. Before I constantly thought that dieting meant suffering. You take all the things you love and lock them away with a key. Then you lose weight and eventually you can have that stuff again. That is not how it has to be. I feel like this is giving me the tools to live my life.

Now I didn’t mean for this to sound like an ad for WW there are other things that I have been doing. With the loss of my first 10 lbs I find I have more energy and stamina to do things. I do some form of physical activity everyday. I do Wii Fit, water aerobics, walking, biking — anything I feel like on any particular day. Within the last week I have started to push myself more, probably because my mom is starting to beat me- losing-wise. In any case, I am trying to work myself up to being able to do the 30 day shred. Although that still seems like a lofty goal to me right now..

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It has been a while yet again. I’m sure that the few people who would read this probably gave up on me when I stopped writing last time. I think I gave up on myself too. Not necessarily in a bad way though. See dieting is hard for me because although I am overweight but I am happy. I have a wonderful life. That’s part of my trouble, why fix something that ain’t broke.

However, I am broke. I’ve struggled with knee pain since a rollerblading accident when I was 14. It’s always been slight to moderate pain. Recently the pain has been getting worse, and while I don’t necessarily think this is directly because of my weight, seeing as I have been stuck at the same weight for years now, I do think that losing the weight will help. Plus as my grandmother told me “packing on the pounds probably didn’t help your knee”.

Ah my grandmother, another reason for me wanting to lose weight. She has begun a crusade against me. Apparently she had a conversation with the rest of my family and told them they should have an intervention for me about my weight and eating habits. (Sidebar — I am the smallest person in my family) And that they should tell me, and steer me, into the right direction. Well I love my family but this is all news to me. Not being fat, I knew that since it happened.

You know when people are overweight and wear clothes that show the bottom of their belly? I used to always think “gee why don’t you pull your shirt down?” or “get bigger clothes”. Apparently this is something that I now do all the time AND NO ONE TOLD ME!!! This was the last straw for me because of all the things that I am I am certainly no hypocrit. So its time for change…

Today I started the Rotation diet. I’m doing okay, although hungry. The book says, “you may be uncomfortably hungry”. That’s fun, lol. I’m making through the day. I am planning on getting some activity through our wii fit, swimming, and bicycling. Today, wii fit. So I hope with support and guidance I will see a difference this time.

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Once again I’ve been sidetracked by life and all its horrors. I am currently in the middle of my first semester of law school. I was hoping that the stress would lead me to eating less and thereby losing weight. This is not the case. Fortunately I’m not scarfing down mountains of fatty foods either. I’ve been trying to watch what I eat and I’ve been doing an okay job at it. Mostly I’ve been having trouble exercising. I have videos that I want to do, and yet I only want to do them when I’m not in my house with the freetime to do them. Magically when the time arises I lose that urge. In any case I need to be held accountable. This is my newest goal, to use this as a medium to be held accountable for my actions and to start bettering my body.

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It’s been a rough week so far and it’s only Wednesday!! Today is my sister’s birthday and thats just adds to the hecticness. For her birthday dinner we make Pierogis, which to those of you who haven’t had them they are fried heaven. We make them homemade, 3 kinds: mushroom and onion, cheese, and cabbage. They are broiled then fried. SOO… obviously the very picture of healthy. 🙁 In any case we were talking about making a salad to be a healthy option. So I’m making a salad we made at my summer of catering, used at lots of fancy weddings and such. Spinach, tomatoes, strawberries, and red onions. It’s so delicious and then served with a poppyseed dressing. Although the dressing may not be the best thing out there this salad is to die for and the dressing adds a beautiful sweetness. So if you ever get bored of the same ole greens try this instead.

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Since I’ve felt that I had to start out slow I feel like my thoughts about weight loss have been changing. I have taken some important steps. I threw out the hidden food in the house (yes I would hide food so that my family wouldn’t know I’d ordered pizza or gotten lunch). I also came out of my food closet. Although I have a great and honest relationship I would lie to my boyfriend about the food I would eat. This weekend I came out to him and told him about my past dishonesty and my pledge to no longer continue this destructive behavior. I feel like I am ready to move on and start my successive weight loss journey.

Also I went to Borders to get a book for my book club and while we were there my boyfriend found the latest edition of the Eat This No That book series. He bought it and gave it to me because he knows how I am trying to watch my calories and seeing as we eat out so much it would be good for me to have this as a resource. This book is soo interesting! I’m learning things about labels and nutrition that I don’t think I would have ever guessed. (Like a egg mcmuffin has less calories than a Panera breakfast sandwich). Now clearly I am making an effort to eat better but I feel like a weight has been lifted a bit as I realize I don’t have to give up everything in order to lose weight. Its also a good thing because I’m never going to make it giving up everything I love.

So with a change of heart and mind I’m moving forward. I am going to start my exercise routine tomorrow. (Even if it is just a walk, which was a genius suggestion I hadn’t thought about). So wish me luck and I live to diet another day!

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I’m a tad bit frustrated. I have started counting my calories and am doing a good job so far but I’m sick and so I can’t really start exercises. You know how it is when your sick (or maybe not, maybe its just me) but if I exert myself too much then I start wheezing. So this sucks. I’m motivated and feel good about this but I can’t do much and counting calories isn’t going to cut it for me. 🙁

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This is, obviously, my first post. I’d like to take this time to establish why I want to lose weight. Over the course of my lifetime I have been called many names and told that I needed to fit into the mold of most normal people my age. Being 22 I believe I have found myself and even grown comfortable in my weirdness, both good things (I think we can all agree). In finding myself I have also found friends, stayed true to family, and found the love of my life. For the first time I felt accepted and loved. People could love me for me!

Well that’s when it hit me. I want to lose weight and get healthy for me! I think that this is going to work because I’m not doing this to fit into the status quo but rather to feel the best that I can. So this is my goal: to lose weight and become a generally healthier person while still enjoying my 20s with friends, family and fun. I have  a lot of obstacles in my way, including a boyfriend who coos and tells me I’m not fat as he hands me a burger and fries. I don’t know if this is even possible but I’m going to try.

So… here’s where I’m at 239 lbs. My goal: 170lb, no let me start smaller under 200lbs. I’m not putting a time limit on this but that’s my first goal.

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