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Alright, so as probably noticed, I am keeping this very annonymous, for somewhat various reasons. Don’t get me wrong I realize I am not the first over weight person in the world to post a blog and I won’t be the last. This is entirely just for me to get some words out of me on a daily basis, because having nothing but toothpick thin friends makes it hard to express my want, or NEED for an entire cheesecake at times, they just dont get it ha ha. I’m hoping that others out there will see this and realize that they are not alone in their quest for body perfection!!

Little background about myself, im in my mid 20’s … exact mid 20’s to be 100% accurate. Haven’t had a weight problem my entire life, just since about 10, 11?? Not sure what flipped in my head but up until around grade 4 I was actually a scrawny kid, can’t even blame it on puberty, that didnt happen till around 15, 16? Never been able to pin point my weight on anything, it started getting horribly out of hand around 16 when I had my drivers license and was able to drive my fat ass through a drive thu. I am in no way blaming my weight on genetics, the rest of my family is pretty trim by normal standards. Its entirely on my eating habits and lack of excercise. I am not really an emotional eater, boredom eater? Yeah a little. Most of the time though, I ate because I could!

Like mentioned earlier all my friends are ‘skinny’ by most standards in the book, they all have boyfriends, get hit on at the bars etc etc, and i NEVER did, im the definition of a ‘DUFF’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) maybe not the ugly part, like all the guys say ‘you have a pretty  face’ anyway….my birthday of 2008 (Dec 1st) I decided that I am no longer willing to be that girl, its not who i was meant to be so i decided to make a change. This change may have had to do with the fact that i finally bought a scale and though seeing that number would motivate me more, well let me tell you, when a number just shy of 330lbs shows up, its enough to make you drop and give it 20 lol! So I made a decision that had been kinda bobbing around in my head for some time, to join Herbal Magic. I to this date have kept this knowledge fairly scarce to those around me, not because I am ashamed, or think im doing something wrong. But because in their eyes I am. People are entirely entitled to their opions on the program, but for me i saw it as my only hope, before I became the 1/2 ton person being cut out of their house. So since December 1 2008 I have been on the herbal magic program. I am not about to get into detail about the program, if you are interested i suggest contacting myself privately, at which time i am HAPPY to ask questions, or contact a herbal magic office near you. No I am not employed by them or affiliated in anyway, just a so far satified customer.
So I realize I am starting this 2 months after starting my program, so sue me I just didnt get around to it. To date I am happy to announce that I have lost 28.6lbs and am at exactly 300lbs, trust me i am stll not happy with that number but the feeling of losing close to 30 lbs is a good one, and helps motivate me to lose even more. I am hoping that by my birthday this year (december 1 2009) I will be at the 200lb mark. This blog is just going to be a place for me to vent report weight loss cheats or anything else that comes up…..pictures are not posted again for the annonymous reasons, however; if you want to see them feel free to message me priveately.

Hello world!

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