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Simple Saturday

No workmen in the house today – just Donna here to clean upstairs with special attention to the bathroom floor.   I wrapped most of the remaining gifts while she was here and just need to ribbon and tag them.  The ones for Nanaimo MUST go out on Monday if there is to be any chance of their getting there for The Day!

Poor Disney has been licking her elbow and has worn away the fur.  It just started this morning and was red and raw by noon.  I applied NeoSporin and and bandaged it.  She is leaving it alone most of the time.  We will be off to the vet on Monday.   It was the same sort of thing that killed Hershey but she was in a weakened condition from Prednisone treatments for her Cushings  – Disney is in good physical shape but I still am worried.

This afternoon I got out ALL the Christmas bins and searched diligently and futilely for the legs for the Christmas tree.   I got all excited when I found one leg – last year I didn’t put up the tree because one leg was missing.   I’m not sure if this is the missing leg or one of the two that I had last year.  There is one more place left to look and, if it’s not there, I’ll be buying a new tree tomorrow or Monday.   I need a tree this year for many reasons – my Christmas Eve Party and company between C and NY is just one reason.  I need it for me!

Been doing some baking and other cooking for my C. Eve party.  I should make and freeze sausage rolls tomorrow and do some more cookies.  I’d do it tonight but want to put the finishing touches on a couple of my quilt blocks and also start ribboning and tagging the gifts for Nanaimo.  I feel I’ve skimped a bit on my DD’s gift but will make it up to her with a birthday cheque.   Oh dear!  Just realized Jessica’s BD is the 14th so I need to get to the PO first thing Monday.  It’ll be late but not that late this year.  A cheque and card is what seems to be expected.

Just realized I’ve missed the concert at the UC tonight – John is singing and I’m sorry to miss that.  he’s such a nice guy.

Time to tackle shrimp for a stir-fry and make a list of MUST-DO stuff for tomorrow.    Maybe I’ll dream about the location of the missing tree legs tonight.

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Farewell to the Tub Guys!

My tub is all done and looks great!  I actually christened it this morning with a wee soak before the lads came to do the finishing touches.  The paint I’d saved was bad but the new parts are primed and ready to paint when I get some more paint.   I think that will be a January job.

There seems to be a major problem with my user ID on the Forum  as I keep getting invalid password.  The good news is that it gives me more time – now that I’ve stopped trying to figure out how to get in!  I finished the dog cookie treats and have done some wrapping plus finished booking accommodations for the Disney trip mid-March.   Now I’m going to bundle up and trundle off to the post office here in town and the bank over at Seeley’s Bay – nearly missed an end of the year investment!

It’ll be sooo nice not to be tied down in the house waiting for the workies next week.  I’ll have to go into overdrive but……

Weight was a bit better at 197 this morning so yesterday must have been a good eating day.  Now to get back into the gym routine.

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…..two men brought my tub on Wednesday after lunch and hauled away the old one.  Yesterday and today they worked away and one of them will be back for the finishing touches tomorrow.  They were really nice guys and I fed them coffee, cookies, squares, meat pie and some chicken noodle soup.  They also brought along massive lunches!

Being home most of the time this week was great.  I did get a lot done  although there is still wrapping and mailing to do for the Nanaimo crew.  I even got butterscotch bars, a coffee cake, pork meat balls and doggie treats made plus some end of year financial stuff.

It’s funny but I made it through a long stretch of foodie events unscathed except for the candied ginger but sort of fell apart yesterday!  Up to 198.8 this morning and worried about being on the slippery slope to 200 again!  Today has been much, much better and a Lean Cuisine plus some spinach for dinner will round off the day at very low calories.  The trip to Disney mid-March is booked and I would really be in better shape for it with 10-5 pounds off.

Just realized the car is out on the street since the installers trucks were in the lane.  I think there is no snow predicted tonight so I guess it can stay there until morning when I’ll see if I want to go to the gym.

Right now, a drink, the news and some dog petting seems in order.

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…my tub will come.  It didn’t yesterday as the guys were still finishing up a big job.  Don called me last night to let me know they “might” get here today after lunch.  “I hae me doots” but am refusing to get knotted up about it.

It started to snow yesterday morning and was quite a blizzard by mid-morning.  I went to the quilters meeting and lunch and actually had a fairly good time.  I am beginning to get a handle on the various personalities.  The catered soup and sandwich lunch was no heck but the gift exchange was fun.  Carol go my re-gift of the cross-stitch picture and was absolutely delighted.  I must admit I let her think I’d done it myself.  Bad Ruthie!

Weight was up again this morning to 198, partly due to a major deviation with the candied ginger, but the BGL was fine.   Today I am going to make up those ginger cookies and freeze them which will remove that temptation.  I also plan to make and freeze the pork meatballs for the Christmas Eve bash and start planning for my post Christmas company.   There will be a trip to the store for ginger root and garlic in the plan too plus shovelling before we get more snow.  I might even get the back deck decorating done.

Book club tonight at Barb’s house.  I’d much rather do it in the Library but Karen seems to think this is a social event and kept mentioning wine at the last meeting so Barb offered her home. K. seems to be a bit of a party girl and hadn’t even finished the last book.   I may or may not volunteer to host the next meeting which will be January 5.

OK – off the butt.  I will read Chapter One of the Beck Book before I get going on my day.

On with it!

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Whew! Time for a new week.

This one was busy and somewhat stressful.  Yesterday’s pie baking marathon was tiring and tiresome.  The “organizer” spent a lot of time wringing her hands and worrying that we had too much pastry and filling.  My attitude was “So?  Better than too little” but she was in a tizzy because she calculated wrong.  PITA woman! I was darn glad when the last one was done and packaged.  I have my own two in the freezer and all the rest delivered.  Tomorrow we actually will do some quilting and then have our catered Christmas lunch and gift exchange.  I’m doing a re-gift and don’t feel one bit guilty.

I managed to survive all the food events including the one this afternoon but did opt out of the party last night.  I really was tired and am still warding off a cold so went to bed early.  (Like a good girl I called the hostess and made my excuses. ) Felt pretty good this morning and weight back down to 196 – now tp try to ditch the remaining three pounds that have crept on.  Such a difficult time of year although yesterday, when the cookies were passed, I found myself asking if I was really hungry and was able to resist.

After Church and meat pie delivery this morning, I made a batch of baked beans and some sausage and peppers for the freezer meal stash and mixed a batch of doggie shortbread to form and dry in the dehydrator tomorrow.

Tomorrow is rather overbooked again.  I am going to try for the gym at 7:30 sharp but need to be back here well before nine when the elusive tub guys are coming.  Once they are settled in, I’ll take off to the Quilting group for the luncheon.  I am keeping Tuesday absolutely free except for Book Club wine and cheese in the evening.  Wednesday looks good with just pet therapy at one but, of course, I’ll have the tub guys here too, probably until Thursday when Donna comes to clean.

OK – I’m going to wrap the gift for the lunch tomorrow, have a Scotch while I watch the news, make and eat a LC pizza, soak in the tub, watch Desperate Housewives and hit bed by ten.

I’ve lit a scented candle and have Bach’s Christmas Oratorio playing so it’s time to wrap the gift and decompress.  Jazz has been extremely cuddly today which has been wonderful although it makes typing difficult.   He’s very catlike in wanting to lie on my lap.

Nearly six so go out on your robe and decompress.

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So much for Thursday!

Woke up feeling a bit crummy this morning but forced myself to get with it and get the trash out to the road in the rain.  It was the sort of day when the world seemed to be conspiring against me.

No milk for my coffee so I went down to the diner and then the grocery store.  No Donna by 10 but she did call to say Chrisitan was staying home from school sick and she didn’t want Ted to look after him.  (Ted is a guy who “enjoys poor health” and is always whining and worrying about every little thing.  He really does have some health problems but oh my!)   So much for my idea of decorating. I refuse to get up on a ladder when I’m alone in the house.

Decided to make the pie crusts for tomorrow and then realized the lard, all five pounds, was not cold, and it has to be, so I sort of wasted the morning. I had hoped to get ME’s gift ready for mailing but the stuff I ordered didn’t come.  I could have done some wrapping anyhow but I seemed to be in a snit with Life.

After lunch I put up the garlands and lights on the front porch which involved a trip to the haedware store in the next town for yet another outdoor extension.  I also put berries and holly into the head on the porch and it looks good.  Was going to take a picture but the camera needs a new battery.  We’ll see if the new dusk-to-dawn timer works and turns them on in a few minutes.  At least it was mild out there!  I’m usually putting up the decorations on a freezing cold December Day.

The scale showed a two-pound blip this morning – Chinese slippage and last night’s dinner which was great but “well-seasoned”. (I think she used a rub of some sort on the beef.)  Of course nibbling away on those salted dried beans when I came home didn’t help! Breakfast this morning was an English muffin and lunch was salami on some “lite” bread – not good!

So tonight is the Fair Board AGM with food, of course.  I had intended to make taco bake but have left it too late.  I may or may not take some fancy cheeses and crackers plus a bottle of wine.

Right now I’m going to have some cranberry tea, listen to a Christmas CD and pet the Doggage who love cuddling on the couch.  I think they are being sucky to ensure they have a home for the winter.

Tomorrow HAS to be a better day.

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Wow! Wednesday!

Donna called at 6:30 this morning to say she was not going to continue at the gym so I’ve lost my thumb in the bum partner.  I went anyhow, of course, and was actually finished quicker because I wasn’t chatting.  This could be a good thing although alternating the driving helped keep us both going.

Phone message when I got home from Don to say they cannot start my tub stuff until Monday.  Just as well as I’d be in a mess over the weekend.  He is very embarrassed by the whole thing but next week actualy suits me better.

Went to town for my haircut, dropped stuff at Goodwill, spent nearly $700 at Canadian Tire and another $100 at Bulk Barn.  That sort of tired me out so I had lunch and came home here by 2:30.  The dogs were delighted to see me and were OK potty-wise for the five hours.

I have three hours before I need to be at the dinner and I think I may just sip some tea, cuddle the dogs and start thinking about decorating.  Donna comes to clean tomorrow and I just may rope her into helping deck the halls  instead.   Maybe when I get the stuff out, I’ll find the missing leg from the artificial Christmas tree.  If not, I’ll improvise.

Weight was down another pound to 196.2 this morning but I suspect it will be up a bit tomorrow as I had limited Chines food today.  Salt is the killer.  (I did have a packed lunch ready to go but managed to forget it in the fridge.  Next time it’ll go right into the car. )

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New Month and New Resolve

197.2 this morning after 198.4 yesterday, the result of not being extra careful during my PA visit.  Sure had fun though!

This will be a difficult month with four foodie events lined up starting tomorrow night with a sit-down dinner.  The others are not as formal so I can either avoid eating or bring something that I can eat.  This month is all about food, it seems. I am focusing on the things I can control.

I have a 30th wedding anniversary party to go to on the 17th which will mean three days away from home – it’s in Waterloo and tricky to get to because of train schedules.  I am a tiny bit tempted to drive but it’s a fairly long haul (5 hours) and who knows what the weather will be.

Reality is striking today!  I wasted yesterday sort of moping around on the net.  I guess I was let down when the bathtub guys goofed.  They are coming Thursday now which means a buggered up bathroom over the weekend unless they work Saturday.   I really need to get it together today with a shopping list for my trip to town tomorrow (haircut) followed by some Christmas and food shopping.  I think it’ll be a big year for gift cards again although my DD does want some baking.  That’s a bit tricky to mail to Vancouver Island from here but……

Right now I’m going to go for a soak in my soon-to-be-defunct tub and then start some cooking.  I do pet therapy this afternoon at 3 so had better hustle my butt. Major list making is underway!

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Been away for over 6 weeks!

Somehow I just can’t get into this again.

Today I’m feeling like I’m getting something – not the Black Death, I hope.  I’ve had a semi-cold for the past few weeks and at noon today it seemed to settle in – not so much a cold as headaches which is not like me.  I tried for a sort of nap but felt to cruddy to fall asleep properly.  Earlier bed tonight.

Weight has taken a few blips in the past 6 weeks – even saw 198 again one morning.  I think my body’s set point is over 200 but I’ll fight it.  A few too many carbs have been sneaking in and there have been a couple of major deviances – blasted Chinese food!

Next Monday at this time, I’ll be packing to go to the States to celebrate my first American Thanksgiving with a 3FC friend.  Of course, this has to be one of my most hectic weeks!  I should have done a bunch of stuff today but felt too crappy although I did do my 90 minutes at the gym this morning.   Tomorrow I need to force myself to get it in gear.  I have Good Food Box in the A.M., some school stuff to deliver, posters to put up regarding the meat pie sale and pet therapy mid afternoon.   I need to work in some cooking too – baking and rum cake for the Bishop’s visit on the 29th which I will miss.  And then there’s Christmas shopping and mailing.  This will definitely be the year of the gift card and charitable donations although I do want to shop for the kids and for my Secret Santa.

I’m crabby today.  Tomorrow WILL be better!

The dogs are fed so I think I’ll read for a bit until it’s time to get dinner.

At least my blog is still here and I remembered how to get into it!

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Back Again in October

Where does the time go?  It’s been four weeks since I wandered in here.

Work on the addition is nearly complete and I am so glad!  The guys have been wonderful but there has been someone here nearly every day  and “I vant to be alone”!

Wonder of wonders, I joined the gym the last week of August and have gone every day except when I was in Asheville.  It helps that Donna joined with me and we share the driving.  I still can’t believe that Slug Sheridan at 70 is doing a 90 minute workout three mornings a week.  It has certainly helped with weightloss as I am now 193.  There have been a few blips along the way but I’m holding.  Is it possible I have found the “secret”?  Darn right I have!

I’ll try to pop in here more often but the Forum and other stuff is keeping me really busy these days.

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