Weigh ins, goals, and rewards


Today’s weight is 267! Yeah! Trying hard to do the right thing! Next weigh in 9-14 for my doctor’s appointment!





Today’s weight: 270.8 (total of 5.8 pounds lost so far!). I am so proud of myself. This blogging and diet journal is really helping me. I am starting to make some good choices and it is showing! I will have my 5 pound reward for tonight (a new book and a bubble bath!). Great job! Next goal: 266! I can do this!


Today’s weigh in goal was 270. Didn’t hit that goal by a long shot. However, I did lose 2 pounds since I started and am now down to 274! I thought this week would be easier, but it was a hard week. I didn’t get up early enough to exercise, I didn’t journal my food (either in my leather journal or online) and I allowed my emotions to rule what and how I ate.

On  a good note, I did eat minfully not mindlessly several times this week and the reward of putting my feet up and allowing myself to relax and read was quite nice!

Today, did my first “training” for my 8k in October. Walked 2 miles! It was tough and a couple of times I wanted to stop, but I talked myself into finishing the 2 miles! Great job! Reward for this is to go to Laughlin and watch cable TV in the air conditioned room! Yeah!





Deep breath, here goes my weight and sizes:

July 7, 2012:

Weight 271.2//Highest weight (7-4) 276.2//

Mini goal: 270

Reward: Foot soak with foot massage and a listing of 6 ways I am fabulous!

Goal weight by September 14 (when I see my doctor!): 256. Reward: stay in Laughlin by myself and do whatever I want!


Mini goal: Eat mindfully (not mindlessly) from now till August 1st! Do this by eating and THEN reading (as my reward). Each meal I eat without reading will entitle me to that amount of time with my feet up, enjoying my book while I sit in the comfy chaise lounge in my “reading nook”. Reward for 1 week: bubble bath with favorite book and a smal glass of champagne!

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