Race successes!

This March I started doing some walks. My first was the 5k for the Boys and girls club. Finished last in 1 hour 19 minutes. Really liked that I was able to finish it, so tried another one (one week after I got out of the hospital for a heart attack scare). Did the 3k up the VERY steep hill. I did very well for someone who had been hooked up to a stress test the week before – 1 hour 22 minutes (the other one was SO much easier!).

For the past couple of months, I have been practicing for this 8k race around the golf course. Wasn’t too sure I could go this far, but yesterday I did it! I did an 8k (5 miles) walk (still too heavy to run) in 2 hours 13 mintues! yeah!

My next goal is to do at least the 5k UPHILL walk or perhaps the 10k UPHILL walk and to actually be doing some running by the time I reach my 50th birthday!

yeah me!

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