2 steps forward and 1 mile back

I’ve been here before. It’s not a new place, just a place I am visiting again. I do so well, almost get to my 10 pounds and then WHAM! I am back to gaining weight again and going back to my bad habits. I can’t even figure out what it is that triggers my crumbling […]

The voices were WRONG! I could finish the 8k!

For the past couple of months, I had been practicing for an 8k (5 mile) walk. My best time was 3 hours and that was for 4.4 miles. I was afraid I couldn’t do it, I would be the last one in, all the people would laugh at me or be mean to me because […]

Doing it MY way – not someone else’s!

I spent most of this weekend getting rid of bad stuff – clothes that don’t fit, food that isn’t healthy (or even correctly dated!), misc trash, pictures of people I don’t know. And after I finished a “task” on my to do list, I put my feet up for 30 minutes and read a good […]

Getting rid of fat clothes!

I am just shy of my first 10 pounds and I am so excited! My doctor’s visit is this coming Friday and I am a little worried. The deal was that I would lose some weight, drop my numbers for sugar and cholesterol and have made some changes in my life that will help me […]

It has been a week of Monday the 13th and it’s still not over!

It has been a crazy week! It’s like it has been Monday the 13th all week and tomorrow promises to be a nightmare! Since I work in retail, the first of the month is always something to look forward to – almost as much as say, a root canal. Now, management has lost their mind […]

Spinning my wheels in quicksand and sinking fast!

Some days, it’s just not worth getting up in the morning and working through the day! For the past week, that is exactly how I have felt. Seems like every project, every normal day to day schedule has been derailed by something – it’s like a freight train runs through my life! Work is the […]

Losing weight, but not sure why

THe good news is that I am continuing to lose weight. The bad news is that I am not sure why. I haven’t been exercising like I should and I have been eating weird things that I don’t normally eat. It’s like I just don’t have the energy or the want to eat. I know […]

Sweat pants inside out!

Yesterday, I started my training for my 8k “event”. I left the house full of confidence and optimism. As I was walking, I was looking at the pretty houses and the pretty flowers. I was one with my world. And then I got home, realized I had my sweatpants inside out and my shirt had […]