Starting over

Starting over today. I have been avoiding doing anything healthy for several weeks now and it is only making things worse. My husband and I had a heart to heart talk and I am hoping it will do some good. Here are the facts: My whole family is unhealthy and I have never ever been […]

Tired of being sick!

I have been dealing with bronchitis since the middle of March. Every time I feel the chance to get healthy and to start doing stuff, I get sick again and it sucks! I really am motivated to start exercising and get healthy, but I just can’t seem to be able to breathe enough to dance […]

2013 has not been my year!

This year has not been so good to me! It was supposed to be the year that I was able to not call in sick, to lose the weight and get healthy, the year that my bills could be paid off, and the year that things went well. So far, that has NOT been the […]

It’s almost thanksgiving in Crazyville!

I used to love the holidays! I used to love getting ready for thanksgiving and Christmas, making good food, having fun with the family.Now, I just dread it! I have been trying to make over my recipes and make them into something healthier and better for me. Right now, I could cheerfully just order a […]

2 steps forward and 1 mile back

I’ve been here before. It’s not a new place, just a place I am visiting again. I do so well, almost get to my 10 pounds and then WHAM! I am back to gaining weight again and going back to my bad habits. I can’t even figure out what it is that triggers my crumbling […]

Why bother? No one cares anyway!

I am so frustrated right now! Nothing I do seems to be working! I’m so tired of losing the weight and poof it comes right back on! Every time I feel like I am making progress, somthing trips me and I fall flat on my face again! Everytime I bring up any mention of romantic/sex […]

So tired of fighting

Work sucked today. It seems that everything I try to do to make my workplace a better place ends up being the wrong thing. Normally, I wouldn’t care. But today, I just felt like I was in the wrong place, the wrong dimension, the wrong everything. By the time I left and met my husband […]

Resisted MT Dew and a chocolate bar!

Actually resisted the urge to have a mountain dew and a chocolate bar today. Felt the world tilt the other way on its axis! ha ha! I am determined to do whatever it takes to get to my 10 pound goal by Friday, when I go see my doctor. I know I should have been […]

September goals for a healthier me!

Just a few goals for September: 1. Lose 5 by September 14th (weight will be 265) and lose 3 more pounds by Sep 30th (weight will be 262). First goal will take me to my 10 pounds! 2. Continue alternating days with soda (day 1: small dark soda, Day 2: small clear soda, Day 3: […]

It has been a week of Monday the 13th and it’s still not over!

It has been a crazy week! It’s like it has been Monday the 13th all week and tomorrow promises to be a nightmare! Since I work in retail, the first of the month is always something to look forward to – almost as much as say, a root canal. Now, management has lost their mind […]