It’s almost thanksgiving in Crazyville!

I used to love the holidays! I used to love getting ready for thanksgiving and Christmas, making good food, having fun with the family.Now, I just dread it! I have been trying to make over my recipes and make them into something healthier and better for me. Right now, I could cheerfully just order a pizza to be sent to my daughters house and one to my house and call each other on the phone and talk through pizza mouth!

It isn’t bad enough that I work in retail and we all know what that means – it means that people will act like a pack of starving hyenas, anxious to get the best deal or that I will be working crazy hours all week. If these people who run these big companies had to deal with what we deal with so THEY can make more money, we wouldn’t have to deal with this crap.

So, on top of retail starving hyenas, weird work schedule, my husband’s upcoming surgery sometime next month, trying to figure out healthy meals. blah blah blah, I locked horns with my husband over something stupid.

In October, I had this grand idea that I would buy pumpkins and do the old fashioned thing of making pumpkin pie from scratch for Thanksgiving. Clearly, I was on drugs that day! Now, he insists we cook up the pumpkin and make pies with it. The stupid pumpkins have been cooking 3-4 hours, it took him an hour to scrape all the pumpkin off the shell and it still has to be boiled down into “mush” for the pumpkin pie AND I have no idea how it will taste. Add this to the fact I will be baking pies on Thursday after I get off work at 4 and will have to be up and at work for BLACK FRIDAY by 4 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

When I suggested we just throw the whole sorry mess away, he got all offended that we are “wasting money”. Hello? We have already spent almost a hundred dolloars of “time’ on this project and it’s still not done. When I said I didn’t want to have to do this whole mess on Thursday, he told me HE would bake the pies. My husband is a good cook, but not a very good baker.

This seems to be a battle in the sand for him and I really don’t want to open hostilities about this, but this puts a lot of pressure and stress on me, on something that I usually enjoy. I LOVE baking for the holidays, I put on music and while stuff is baking, I clean and dance and have a good time. I just don’t want to deal with this extra craziness, but he is so determined that it is healthier for us.


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