Doing it MY way – not someone else’s!

I spent most of this weekend getting rid of bad stuff – clothes that don’t fit, food that isn’t healthy (or even correctly dated!), misc trash, pictures of people I don’t know. And after I finished a “task” on my to do list, I put my feet up for 30 minutes and read a good […]

So tired of fighting

Work sucked today. It seems that everything I try to do to make my workplace a better place ends up being the wrong thing. Normally, I wouldn’t care. But today, I just felt like I was in the wrong place, the wrong dimension, the wrong everything. By the time I left and met my husband […]

Resisted MT Dew and a chocolate bar!

Actually resisted the urge to have a mountain dew and a chocolate bar today. Felt the world tilt the other way on its axis! ha ha! I am determined to do whatever it takes to get to my 10 pound goal by Friday, when I go see my doctor. I know I should have been […]

Getting rid of fat clothes!

I am just shy of my first 10 pounds and I am so excited! My doctor’s visit is this coming Friday and I am a little worried. The deal was that I would lose some weight, drop my numbers for sugar and cholesterol and have made some changes in my life that will help me […]

September goals for a healthier me!

Just a few goals for September: 1. Lose 5 by September 14th (weight will be 265) and lose 3 more pounds by Sep 30th (weight will be 262). First goal will take me to my 10 pounds! 2. Continue alternating days with soda (day 1: small dark soda, Day 2: small clear soda, Day 3: […]