It has been a week of Monday the 13th and it’s still not over!

It has been a crazy week! It’s like it has been Monday the 13th all week and tomorrow promises to be a nightmare! Since I work in retail, the first of the month is always something to look forward to – almost as much as say, a root canal. Now, management has lost their mind and committed to something that will undoubtably raise my stress level sky high! So, it is essentially the 1st of the month, everyone in the world will have their retirement checks, etc, AND it will be the blue moon for the year (the 2nd full moon during a calender month). Added to that, my sister-in-law (the perfect one!) is coming to visit on Saturday to spend the night. I am planning to make pot roast (which I do well), but I have no idea what desert to make or how I will coordinate my walking and “training” for my 8k event. I usually do my 3 hour walk around the golf course and back to the house, which is the route the 8k event will take. However, I won’t be able to do this on Saturday because I won’t have time and on Sunday we will be going to early church before she has to leave.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my sister-in-law and I love spending time with her and her family, but for heaven’s sake, she makes pie crust from scratch, looks not 40 (and she’s 55!), blah, blah, blah.

Added to the week I’ve had and the fact that while my house isn’t a disaster area (well, not quite!), and the fact that tomorrow will be a lovely set of hell to deal with, I’m just not looking forward to the weekend. I had hoped to have a relaxing weekend and get some quilt projects done, take some naps, watch some movies, take some more naps, etc.

On the bright side, my wonderful husband is paying for me to get a spa pedicure tomorrow after work, and he is doing the shopping, so that is good. Actually, it may be the only thing that gets me through the day tomorrow!

Oh, well, cleaning and cooking and baking can be done to lots of music and I can dance while I cook and clean (nothing new there!). It is always good to see good family members and it will be a fun evening. Okay, I have to go finish quilt projects (that were due in March! that she will be leaving with on Saturday!). Did I mention I have been procrastinating lately! ha ha!

See ya!

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