Thank God it’s Friday – I can’t take much more!

What a weird week! I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained 4 pounds and none of the days make any sense! On the days I ate healhty, had a good night’s sleep and exercised, I gained weight. On the days when I couldn’t get my act together, I lost weight. And yesterday, I did my 45 minute workout before work and an hour of Zumba after work, and still gained weight.

So, obviously, I didn’t make my goal weight this week and I’m really struggling with my enthusiam. I just wish I could figure what is going on. Failing that, I just wish I could make this work.

Oh, well, I have some new ideas for my snack/breaks at work. I will just continue working out and doing my best. That’s all that I can do. I was really hoping to have lost 20 pounds by September 14th when I see my doctor, but that probably isn’t very realistic. I know that I could definitely lose 10 pounds by then, so that will be my goal.

Well, off to get ready for another fun day dealing with …… (you fill in the blank!). Happy Friday!


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