I just have to laugh at myself!

Somedays, I just have to laugh at myself because I’m just the best me I can be! Since July 6th, I have been very faithful about my posts and have been axiously awaiting my “countdown” ticker showing my weight loss. I know it has been over 20 days, but it never appeared.

And then tonight, I respond to a post on a FORUM (not here as a post) and I see my pretty blue “flower” and the note : Posts 5. That’s when I realize I have been posting in the wrong way to get the “ticker”. I just have to laugh at myself!

But, it has been a good idea for me to journal my thoughts and ideas and issues. It is good practice for me and it has done me really good to do this. So, I will just accept I am not technologically adept and laugh at myself and it will be okay.

Speaking of okay, I am so proud of myself. I had been scheduled to take this diabetes management/information training class today and next Friday. i had rearranged my schedule, taken time off from work and was interested in the information. I get to the wellness center today to find out they had cancelled the class (didn’t bother to call me and tell me that) and they had rescheduled me for the next set of night classes. I hadn’t wanted to do night classes because I can’t see very well at night sometimes and it freaks me out to drive at night. However, since the next set of day classes is the first Friday in December and since I work retail (which means there isn’t any way to get time off from Veteran’s Day to Martin Luther King’s birthday unless you have someone dead or dying), I guess I will be doing night classes.

Rather than letting the cancelled classes bother me, I danced and cleaned and had a good time and read a book and watched a movie. I was very proud of myself for not getting upset and angry like I normally do. Great job!

On a down note, I did have a binge day today. I ate at Jack in the Box (WHY????????) and binged on tacos and mozzarrella sticks. That was enough food for the entire day and I did try to drink lots of water and do as much dancing as possible.

I have joined one of the challenges on the forum (No bingeing in August) and will see how that goes. Now that I have figured out how this forum thing works, I will be able to communicate with other people and get the support and encouragement I need. (That’s what I thought I was doing here! ha¬† ha!). I think this will be good for me, because I will be posting my weight and my progress.

On that note, I am off to bed. I have been helping a dear friend of mine declutter her house and I will be over there early in the morning. Taking my laughing self off to bed!

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