The food I’m eating is slowly killing me

For several weeks (months?) now, I have been having migraines. Nothing new, I’ve had migraines for years now. Yesterday, however, I had one of my “msg” mini seizures. MSG is a preservative used to enhance food flavor and of course keep it fresh. For some of us, (ME!), it can also cause migraines, mini seizures, etc.

That is what is happening with me. Yesterday I had one of my mini seizures, which meant I couldn’t speak properly, I couldn’t describe things, I couldn’t focus on numbers, I felt like I was falling, etc. I had to be taken home so I could take my medicine and sleep it off. It scared my bosses so much that they were actually nice to me! It was scary for me because I couldn’t tell them my husband’s cell phone number or where my purse was or where I lived. It was in my head, but I couldn’t make the words come out of my mouth. I hate that and it is so scary.

After I had taken my medicine, napped, threw up, and napped again, I was okay enough to have an “aha” moment. I know this is caused by foods high i MSG – which is pretty much all deli, fried and/or fast food, and that I should stay away from those foods. Yet that is what I have been eating the most of in the past few weeks and months, which has been triggering migraines and the the “earthquake” of my mini seizure yesterday. Amazing, the clarity of thought  you have when you are throwing up!

And of course today, as it always happens after one of these episodes, is that I have gained weight, my whole body hurts, all I want to do is sleep and rest. And for what? Some stupid food that I don’t even like, but it’s easily available? So is poison, but I wouldn’t eat that for lunch. These food choices I have been making is killing, not just with diabetes and heart issues, but more slowly with migraines and mini seizures. And it has to stop.

Today will be easy. All that sounds good is salad and fruit and ice cold water. Watermelon sounds incredibly good. Today is the day I have to stop killing myself with food and start healing myself with food my body needs to heal. It’s time to stop my food suicide!

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  1. Agreed! Bad food choices give me headaches and aches and pains too, though I’m not diabetic I have a family history of it so I do have to be careful. Sugar is a killer and best avoided, and the reason why fruits are a better alternative as a sweet option is because they have fibre! I had chronic headaches and realized it was due to my hormones, they can really mess with your life. I’ll stop lecturing, just stopped to sympathize 🙂

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