It has been a week of Monday the 13th and it’s still not over!

It has been a crazy week! It’s like it has been Monday the 13th all week and tomorrow promises to be a nightmare! Since I work in retail, the first of the month is always something to look forward to – almost as much as say, a root canal. Now, management has lost their mind […]

Spinning my wheels in quicksand and sinking fast!

Some days, it’s just not worth getting up in the morning and working through the day! For the past week, that is exactly how I have felt. Seems like every project, every normal day to day schedule has been derailed by something – it’s like a freight train runs through my life! Work is the […]

Fell off the wagon and got ran over!

I feel like I not only fell off the wagon, but then the wagon ran over me! For the past few days, I have been unable to eat healthy and do exercise. It just hasn’t seemed to work for me. Now, I feel like a beached (and bloated) whale, I’ve gained back the weight,and I […]

Thank God it’s Friday – I can’t take much more!

What a weird week! I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained 4 pounds and none of the days make any sense! On the days I ate healhty, had a good night’s sleep and exercised, I gained weight. On the days when I couldn’t get my act together, I lost weight. And yesterday, I did […]

Mean people suck!

Why do people have to be so mean and hateful? If you are going to be mean and hateful everywhere you go, please stay home, cause I’m tired of dealing with your hatefulness! People have made me cry all this week at work and I have to be honest here, I’m not sure who has […]

I just have to laugh at myself!

Somedays, I just have to laugh at myself because I’m just the best me I can be! Since July 6th, I have been very faithful about my posts and have been axiously awaiting my “countdown” ticker showing my weight loss. I know it has been over 20 days, but it never appeared. And then tonight, […]

Can I hit him with the scale?

My husband (in front of me!) steps on the scale and swears he has lost a couple of pounds because he was up in this attic all day plumbing and he knows he has sweated out a couple of pounds. Really? You think this is a good idea? Especially when I am considering how to […]

The food I’m eating is slowly killing me

For several weeks (months?) now, I have been having migraines. Nothing new, I’ve had migraines for years now. Yesterday, however, I had one of my “msg” mini seizures. MSG is a preservative used to enhance food flavor and of course keep it fresh. For some of us, (ME!), it can also cause migraines, mini seizures, […]