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Sensa really works?

I don’t know if it’s the Sensa or the modified Atkins, but I am losing weight and feeling much better.  Today, as I prepare to go grocery shopping, I realize that I am not nearly as hungry as I use to be.  I am a chronic muncher-oral fixation, I know, but I have noticed that I can watch tv without a snack. It was like an ephiphany-wowza!

So, I still have a long way to go, but seeing progress always makes the journey easier.

Until next time, divas!

I’m just doin this for my own pleasure

I was amused by how seriously I am being taken. If I want to seek attention, I will. If I want to whine–I’ll whine.  Actually NOBODY has to read this–I’m just ventin in my own little world. Lighten up, folks–I’m just havin fun. You make a comment that I don’t like–I’ll just delete it–be nice, why don’t you, or just keep it movin. Geeze. . . .

I’m back divas!

Nope, 4th of July and I’d only lost maybe 7 pounds. My SO doesn’t want my belly button pierced anyway–so there.  I was only doing it for him. Anyway, I’m doing the SENSA thang plus Dr. Atkins AND walking my neighbors dog–BTW, my neighbor only weighs like 100-bleepin-pounds.

So, I’ll see what’s up.