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Another day in da D

Detroit.  It’s a wonderful city.  The people are very warm, even the ones with a hard exterior have unbelievable hospitality hidden deep inside. Men still open doors for women. Little boys do the same. I love Detroit.

We have great theatre in the D, both professionally and collegiate. Great music venues, also (da Magic Bag, Baker’s Keyboard, Cliff Bell’s, many more).  We have a revived riverfront.  I love living in a coastal city. Every home in the D is only a few miles from the Detroit River. The River Walk is just spectacular and it’s a daily staple in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  There are clowns, face painters, great food vendors, live music, da Coast Guard doing their water rescue training, and watching steamers, yachts, speed boats, and the occasional fishing boat on the river.

Detroit sports mean Red Wings! HockeyTown! Ford Field houses the Detroit Tigers. The Pistonsare still out in Auburn Hills at The Palace. Don’t forget about Little League, Flag Football, Soccer, Cheer leading, Swimming, Walking, Running, and Kronk Boxing,  all the fun you can have is in my city.

Restaurants.  We have the best. The wonderful establishments in Mexican Town that serve up great Latino inspired cuisine. Delis, diners, hot dog vendors-Gourmet Hot Dogs. The wonderful Rattlesnake Club, da Whitney, and da Salt Water at the high end and at da low end: Bucharest Grill and Duly’s.

Suburbs-we have those, too. Ferndale and Royal Oak where it’s on and poppin’ and then there’s other ones that aren’t as 21st century,  but still like being associated with the D.

Schools. Don’t believe the union-busting hype! We have more great teachers than we have bad. The school buildings leave much to be desired. The teachers arededicated but no one can work for peanuts.  If spectular work is expected, then spectacular pay should be given.  If education is sooo important why isn’t the funding available?  Maybe teachers need agents. . . .

Unemployment:  Very high, but entrepreneurship is high. We believe in helping ourselves. In an unforgiving economy with a new governor who is a millionaire and a member of the “new money” crew (hard-working citizens are planning his recall)–we Detroiters are fighting an uphill battle.

I’m sure we will win the war.