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Da first week

So I start with whey protein shake, I feel full. I take two shakes and have a Healthy Choice frozen dinner–so far so good.  I’ve got this belly fat that has a mind of its own, and it’s migrating north to the bra line–

Day two, I added frozen chocolate yogurt to my Cookies and Cream whey protein, yummy! I love the vanilla soy milk (Great Value-WalMart $2.20).  But, I was hungry throughout the day. I kept munching on everything–no sweets though.

Days three thru seven I noticed a slight loss. I was a little disappointed because when I follow Dr.Atkins diet I can lose about 7-9 pounds the first week.

Gonna get back on Atkins.  I can still use the protein shake and I do like Dr. Atkins chocolate protein bars. My son and I also began walking.