Healthy Living: Frustrated

I am quite frustrated. My main computer is down so I wasn’t able to do many of the daily online task that I used to do, including signing on to 3fatchicks. Thus, I wasn’t able to blog lately, and that was really bad because my weight kinda went up. Actually, let me rephrase that, “my weight skyrocket” lol x)

Also, I’m getting pretty annoyed because I can’t comment. For some reason, I can’t comment on other people’s blog, and it’s really bothering me. I hope they fix this soon.. If not, I might have to make a new account to comment. Haha, I like commenting! 🙂 It shows people your support ^_^

As for my weight, I been bad bad this spring break. I been eating too much and I think I’m at 128 lbs? It could be worse, but I’m not quite sure, but I know it’s about 125. And, I think this is mainly because I been gaining stomach fat, and that is caused by my current food coma.

So, I really need to sit myself down and set some ground rule. Summer is coming, and I really want to start summer off with my ideal weight. Yea.. it’s going to be a hard trip.. DOWN.

Also, I’m going to set new commitments for myself. I will have to do a daily calories count from now on because my eating habit is just going insane. I think it is the depression. I’m currently trying to get over someone.. and my mouth seems to crave really unhealthy food.

Well, I’m back now and I managed to log into 3fatchicks again! Yay 🙂 Also, I went to the gym today to work out and clear my head.