The author of this blog is a young girl who is coming into age. She has spent most of her life worried about school and live very unhealthly. However, when she reached to college, she realized that she cannot continue living such a life anymore. Grades and school are important. But she also owe sometime to herself-a healthy living lifestyle.

She dreams to work in the medical field one day, and she really want to emphasize on healthy living.

So, she decided to take up “Healthy Living” as a lifetime class. Which mean she will be taking exercises courses, healthy eating sessions, and healthy living research like she would for a class.

Grades and school are very important to her. And she will need to be healthy to reach that goal of being the perfect smart, talented, and beautiful girl.

Reflection on life:

It made me realize, Life is so short. So, while we are still young, let live our life the way we wanted. Follow our dreams, and make it worth while. Do more good to the world, and always give more than you take. Share laughter and smiles with the people you love. Embrace the world, your life, yourself. For one day, it’s going to be over, and you’ll regret it all. Live your life, follow your dreams. Never ever look back. 🙂 And your journey will be full of happiness.

Blog Name:

I want to apologize if the title to my blog have given you the wrong idea. I created this account name as “2hotinhere”, but I have no intention in putting anyone down or raising myself up. Instead, I really like the name and I just want to use it. There is no intention behind it, so please don’t take it wrong way. 🙁 I would change the blog name again if I could, but this website have denied the accesses.