Healthy Living: Round up

So, … A week past.

I been trying to eat normal. But sleep coma is very bad for me. I sleep after every meal.. which is SOO BAD. I need to find a way to prevent this. Anyway, I kinda feel bad because I just recently got out of a CRUSH.. or lol, trying to get over a crush. So.. I have been eating more than usual. iDk… my friend told me to get over my crush because I’m wasting my time on them. And.. my friend is right. I just need to get over it. But.. it’s easier said than done. But, I believe life is a progress, and in time, I will learn to be indifference. As for now, I’m just trying to keep my mouth shut and STOP EATING CHOCOLATE!! LOL xD

And, I’m kinda happy I went down a lb. I guess that is something to celebrate for. BUt for some reason, my success seem so little.. in comparison to my heartache. T__T lol.. i’m so pathetic. ahhhhh!! Crushed!!!

Okay, back to normal now. So, I been going to the gym on the weekend. I will upload my calories count for tomorrow. Summer is coming.. i Need to get to 115. WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN? Oh well, It’s up to me. 🙂

Keep working hard 3fatchicks! I have been inactive b/c of school and MY CRUSH. Arg.. Weight been put on the backburner lately. But now.. it’s back on full speed. Though, I hate this blog now. I still can’t comment. I might have to make a new blog page!


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