Healthy Living: OMG GOODNESS!!


So, Finals are just a week away, and I’m getting scared and nervous.
I know I’m not suppose to stress out.. because stressing out will make me fat. Actually, in my bio class right now, I am learning the mechanics of the body metabolism and I can CLEARLY prove that stressing out induce a product of certain hormones that causes your body to store more fat than usual!! Yeah, so DOn’t stress! 🙂

In recent time, I have noticed that I’m getting skinner. But when I checked my weight, the scale doesn’t seem to be dropping. And, when i wear my jeans, I don’t feel any skinner. Thus, I finally conclude that I’m not getting skinner, but it is my hair that is growning longer. ANd since my hair is pretty long now, it does give off an an effect that make my face look smaller! I know, dissapointing. But talk about optical illusion! LOL 😀 haha

So, I’m suppose to be trying to exercise and eating healthy. But recently, I just got my period after 2 months?.. and so the exercise idea seems to go out of the window. In addition, when I’m on my period, I crave sweets and fatty food like no other. Not only that, I eat like crazy. I think I eat 2x the amount of food during this stage. So, There is probably not going to be any weight loss during this next week. I’ll be lucky if I can still be the same lbs by the end of all of this.

So, to avoid all of this, I’m carrying a box of mint everywhere I go. Studies have indicated that peppermint mint have some sort of effect on your appetite and tastebuds. FOr some reason, after eating 1 mint, you can reduce your tastebud craving by a little bit. THis doesn’t work if your starving, but if you are full and just want to stop your mouth from over eating, the mint works well! 🙂 I have been use this tatics for a while now!

Also, I don’t feel like doing a photoshoot this week. It’s not going to happen with the schedule I have and the way I’m feeling at the moment. I feel dirty, stressed, and kinda.. craving for sweets! I want cake!! 😀 YAY!.. ..(yea, I”m not going to give in to that!)

Doesn’t the picture above with the cake just look soo good? 😉

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  1. susana Says:

    The cake looks great, but you look greater. Think of how pretty and healthy you are, how young and full of life! Eat what is good for you, do whatever you can to build a wonderful future and enjoy the present moment with pleasures other than food, and everything will be OK. You’ll be a very happy woman!

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