Healthy Living: NEW DIRECTION

A New Direction:

Today, I want to try something new. I know I always try to post pictures of myself to document my weight lost. But I want to push 1 more step further.

I’m sure we all have heard the “10lbs weight gain” every time we see ourselves in a video. Well, after reading some document. I realized that our perception of ourselve in the mirror is very distorted. It is only based on 1 point of view. But when we see ourself through a lense of a camera or a video, we see a complete new verson of ourself. This is the image in which the world perceived us. This is the image that everyone see us through.

So, I have always learned that if you want to have a clearer perspective on a subject, then you need to see it in many different point of view. Therefore, I want to see myself.. and know myself a little further. I want to see myself from a different point of view. That’s the reason why I started digital Update. TO see myself in the way the world see me.

But now, I want to take it one step further. I will try my best every week to film myself. It will be a random video but it force me to be in front of a camera for a few minutes. This will allow me to analyze myself, and see what I look like in comparison to my Celeberties idol, and also how my friend see me. THus, this will give me a fuller view of how people perceive me. I have seen what I looked like in the mirror all of my life. It’s time to gain a more neutral perspective on my body.

Battle Plan:

I will try to post a video of myself every week. Just to get myself on camera to see what I look like. And.. to see what my body look like. (I will post a picture clip on this blog, but I will not post the video because.. it’s probably not worth watching! And beside.. I’m embarrassed! xD)

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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    I never thought of doing that… but it’s a good idea! And I think you look great in the picture clip. I think I have the opposite problem as you, though. Many times I look in the mirror and I think UGH. And then I’ll see a pic and think, well, that’s not as bad as I thought! More often than not, my VOICE is what I don’t like! LOL And different angles make a difference, too. So… yeah. Maybe a lot of people do have the issue of seeing one thing in the mirror and not seeing it, but some have the opposite of not seeing the good in the mirror. I think I look at myself so often (like, every time I go to the bathroom!) that sometimes I don’t give myself credit for the good. I just see the reflection and go on. Maybe you will have the same experience! BTW, your hair looks GORGEOUS in that pic! I think you’re a pretty girl who has no clue how pretty she is!

  2. incontrol2day Says:

    super cool idea! You look fantastic!

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