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So, I came across an interesting website today that predict your life expectancy based on your currently living style:

My Life expectancy is 81 years old. I wasn’t really surprise because dying at 81 sounds like a pretty long time from I don’t really care. What really caught me off guard was this line: “You can expect to live approximately another 21900 more days.”

This was scary. I was kinda scared to realized that 81 years.. can be converted into days.. and that days on this earth are numbered. I know we can’t lived forever but still, it get scary sometime to think that one day, we are going to die! And.. This really make me think about the decision that I make for myself today. 21,900 days left to live. The clock is ticking. What am I going to do?

Well, I am sure not going to waste! 🙂 I’m going to run for a officer position at my school club!


Food for throught, I also ran over a music video that somewhat relate to this topic:

Saving me:

Weekly Overview:

Overall, this week turns out to be okay. It was a lot of studying.. and a lot of craming, but I didn’t really get stressed out. Overall, my eating habit this week was also very very good 🙂 I stick to salad every other days.. and try my best to avoid sweet. However, I drink Coffee everyday, so I’m not sure how bad that would be to my healthy.

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