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Finally, I am back. 🙁

Well, I just took my bio midterm the other day. It was pretty hard, but I believed in myself and my capabilites..and I did the best I could with the time I have. So, I just now.. hope for the best. BUt overall, it was a really really hard test 🙁

As for my weight.. it’s been going downhill. I have one midterm after another.. thus, this makes it very difficult to excerise. I have been spending most of my days & night in the library preparing for Ochem.. and then for bio chemistry. Gosh.. and that really took a toll on my weight.

I tried to eat healthy but I’m not moving as much. NOw.. I can feel the “weight” gaining up on me. But it’s okay, I am free for the next week without a midterm. So, I can use this time to “catch-up”.

However, eventhough I’m free, I still feel like I’m running on “borrow time”. Like.. these hours don’t belong to me.. and I should be preparing for the upcoming finals. Because I know that a week before the final, my 2 professor will slame us hard both in the concept of biochemstry and ochem. I’ll have facing with 6 chapters back to back within 2 weeks.. and this will murder me.

I do not want to pay dearly for my grades.. and I really want to keep up paste with the class. This quarter should be by far the hardest quarter I will face in my bio carreer.. so, I guess, all I can do now is hang on tight.. and put my best foot forward! 🙂

I also, want to thank you 3fatchicks for all the kind comments in my last post. I was so happy to heard so many of you ^-^ You don’t know how much it means to me! 🙂 Once I get enough time off from my studies, I promised I will be back writing up comments! 😀

Good luck everyone!

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