Healthy Living: FIRST MIDTERM!!!

Oh..sorry about my emotional post last time. I guess I was just having a hard time figuring out what I am. BUT.. WHO CARES. i DON’T CARE if i like girl or guy. To be honest, I can’t even make up my mind. I do want a boyfriend. ..and then again, I don’t mind getting a girlfriend either. BUT .. you know, at the end of the day . W/E

I just got my result From MY OCHEM midterm! I got 1 standard deviation above the mean! 😀 YAY!!!
THIS MEANS.. I’m okay! 😀 Or.. this mean that I still have a chance to do well this quarter in OCHEM! YAY! 😀 OH.. who cares about all these gay & sexuality stuff. I JUST DID WELL ON MY TEST! OH I”m SOO HAPPY!! 😀

SCREW IT ALL. i”m gonna be single and GET INTO MED SCHOOL! THAT’S my #1 priorty. Of course, the 2nd would be Living a healthy lifestyle & watching my weight! 😀 OH YAY!!

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  1. susana Says:

    Congratulations on your exam results! You are bright! And you will be a great doctor.
    About your sexuality, give yourself a break: probably you will like boys and girls for quite a long time till you come to realize who you are and where your heart lies. Take it easy… Just seize this beautiful life of yours and make the best of it: make those around you happy, work for your grades and get to university. All the rest will happen when you are ready for it. Good luck!

  2. dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

    Hey it happens! Enjoy both if you really want to, who says you really need to choose?!

    I agree you should forget it and get into med school and work on yourself. Sometimes it’s really hard to I know I’m at the point in my life where I’m like. I can’t be bothered to deal with having a bf, dating or whatever…but then sometimes I see a really cute guy and I think I wonder what it’d be like to be in a happy healthy relationship like the people around me have…but meh I’m better off single and just worrying about the one person that matters the most. ME! and like in your situation you should just worry about YOU! Good luck!

  3. journey2skinny Says:

    I think when it comes to “LOVE” we rarely get to choose but rather it chooses us.

    Congrats on your test! Good job!

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