Healthy Living: Young, Wild, & Free

Hello 3fatchicks!

Guess where I am? I am 6 hours away from home in Monterey Bay California! I’m staying in a very exspensive hotel with a beachside view room. I’m staying by myself for 3 days to present my research to the medical conference in Monterey bay Calfornia.

This hotel has a wonderful room service, a beautiful view of the ocean (it’s RIGHT next to the ocean).. and a very lovely resturant with a breath taking view of the city.

I am accompanied by many medical school students who are leaders in their field of medical research, and I am so proud to be part of all these events. Today, I got a chance to meet a Professor from the UCLA school of medicine and I also got to meet a faculty from the Standford Univeristy school of Medicine.

Also, did I happen to mentioned that there is nice pool & hottube right next to the ocean?..and a small little gym in my hotel?

Yea yea.. yea.. I mentioned it all.

But…something isn’t right.

I am so grateful to be here be part of this event. But to be honest, I miss home.

I am homesick.

Traveling alone suck. Today, I was eating dinner in this expensive resturant with a breath-taking view of the ocean.. everything was nice and lovely.. but i was all alone. I didn’t travel with anyone because none of my friend participated in the research.. so i came here  all by myself. (THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A FANTASTIC IF I WENT WITH ANOTHER PERSON!)

I missed my parents. I missed eating dinner with the people I love. I missed HEALTHY FOOD.

I know.. I should have fun & relax. I should be Young, wild & free… and do something exciting.. But tonight, all I can think of is my parents & home. It’s currently Chinese new year week and I want nothing more than be home with my family.

Maybe, one day, when I’m old enough, I will appreciate all of these luxuries that I am experiencing today. But tonight, I just want to be home. I know, I’m such a big baby. I should try to make friends, and talk to these medical school students. But, I don’t feel right, I’m a little too young for them.. and a little too young to fit in.

As for the food here, it’s pretty good. However, It’s kinda hard to eat “healthy”. And.. because I’m far away from home, my eating schedule is really mess up. I try to eat when I can find food.. which is extremely hard to find because I don’t drive..and the nearest market to the hotel is a 10 minute drive.

So, I eat the hotel room service food..which consist  with a lot of unhealthy food. But, I’m not gonna complain. ..sometime.. you just got to live a little! (that’s why i stole a cookie today! 😀 hahaha) So, my eating schedule just went down the drain. I hope this won’t hurt my weight or anything.

Okay, with all that said, I have made up my mind. I called the airline and book 1 ticket back home tomorrow morning! It’s Chinese New Year week, and there is 1 thing I want to do for myself this weekend…and that is being home with my parents.

Call me crazy!  But, I’m Young, WILD, & FREE! 🙂

(btw.. the top picture, is the picture of my hotel view of the ocean.)

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