Healthy Living Daily Record: 1/19/12

B: 1 bread (160) + 1 bowl rice (250) + 1 bowl soup (100)

Lunch: 1 bowl salad (400)

Dinner: 1 footlong subway (600)

Exercise: 2 walking miles (no sweating)

Total: 1510

THe good: I exercise today! 😀 It wasn’t like anything extreme but it was a good start. I walk around my school 2x.. and that equal of to 2 hours. However, I need to prepared for gym clothes next time if i go walking… since speed walking in old jeans is just painful on my feet.

Also, I discover a new way to study. Instead of going home at 6pm everyday, I think I’m going to stay back in my library and study. I think this is a lot more effect for me since I get more times to study.. and not wandering on facebook. I feel I can concentrate more. At home.. i often get distracted from my studies.

Well, this morning, 1/20/12.. I already feel the sore from my butt and part of my thigh from the 2 mile walk.. it wasn’t even that extreme. -__- .. my body is getting rusty..and I’m so glad I am back on track to exercising! 😀

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