Healthy Living: The rising storm…

So, it’s finally the weekend! 🙂

I just completed my first week of school. I can’t be happier. But I can’t help but fear for what is about to come.

This quarter will probably be my hardest quarter by far. I am taking a biochemistry class and 2nd division organic chemistry. I have heard many of my older friends that this quarter will be hell.

I am scared. Terrified. But then again, I have learned in the past that having these feeling will not mean anything. I need to start preparing myself for what is about to come.. when midterm hits.. it’s gonna hit hard. The competition is cut throat now days.. and it’s getting harder by the quarter. People are dropping out like flies.. and it seem like a fight to survive sometime. Last quarter was hell.. and this quarter will probably be worse. But it’s okay, everything is going to be alright.

My weight.. oh my weight.. FOr some reason.. I feel a lot lighter.. maybe because I just recovery from sickness.. and that seem to took off a few lbs away from me. But oh well, I might just be losing muscle mass that I have gained during the winter break.. because I haven’t work out in so long. But, I’ll be sure to find out when I weight in this week.

Also, I have to do a digital update.. oh soo lazy.. I might skip this week b/c my hives is still AROUND…and it make me not want to do anything with myself.

So, I hope this weekend will go well.

Week 2 is gonna be hell at school.. ..WEEK 2, here I come!

Also, best of luck to anyone! 🙂

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