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Healthy living: The story of sucesss

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Oh, I love those movies.

you know, those movies that have the protagonist as the underdog, and then he goes through some problem, and suddenly, he does something, and it changed him completely, and then, he comes out as a hero and beat all the bad guy.

Yea, I love how hollywood make success so easy. They always show the protoganoist working hard.. and usually, this transition period is only like.. 1 song long. There’s a name they call it, but I’m not sure.

Well, I always wonder, how do successful people come about? Of course we all know the common answers that they work very very hard, and that they have made many sacrefice. But, what keep them going when everything falls apart?

Is it a motivation quote? Or how about a song? could it be their loves one? or just their dreams and passion?

And, I also like how easy it seem in the movie to overcome a challenges, and end the story with a happy ending.

I’m not a pesimistic, and I’m not going to start becoming one. But, it does seem too easy how they make it seem in the movie.

Well, as for me, I’m kinda living through one right now. Unforutnately, it’s not a hollywood movie., so sucess isn’t so easy.

And, as the more mistakes I make, I realize, changing, and evovling, and trying to make a positive push to improve oneself is EXTREMELY difficult. .. and often time, people say, you get better little by little. One step at a time.

and.. trust me, move your feet one step at a time. Using your energy to move yourself farther than you are before does not come with a smile, but often tears.

So in reality, how do people make it in life?

Well, I guess we have to reevaluate the story and look beyond those hollywood scene.

For ever great success story, comes with buttload of tales of mistakes and failure. However, often time, these stories are not told and left aside.

It’s hard, isn’t it? Trying to reach your goal?
But then again, no one said it was going to be easy.

And, I always like to end these type of conversation with my favorite line!
“Nothing in life- ever worth it- comes easy.”

Healty Living: LIFE + School + THe Holidays

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Happy HOlidasy! 😀

Happy Late Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday!!


I know I haven’t touch 3fatchicks in a while. It’s not because I’m slacking on my weight. It’s not because I’m losing touch with healthy Living. It’s because of school again. I’m heading into a few busy week at school because of all those midterms and finals exams. Also, I’m not doing very well in school recently, and my grades have suffered.

So, I try to focus more on my studies. I still try to eat healthy and try to get bed on time. But it has been very hard. My schedule these days are very mess up because I’m expiermenting with my study schedule. Right now, I am trying to adopt a new study habit. I’m going to wake up at 4 AM everyday, and go to bed at 11 PM. This way, I can get some studying in during the morning, because I often find myself exhuasted and distracted at night.

My weight seem to be a side mission right now as I try desperately to fix my grades. T___T I know, I’m such a nerd, but I really need to be stick on myself with grades because there is somewhere I want to go after college, and it’s extremely hard to get in and required an extremely high GPA. But, I know healthy living is very important! 🙂 SO, i’m NOT givving UP. I’ll still try my best to carry through with my weight and I keep on trying to raise my grades.

The good news is that my holidays season starts early december. This means, I can finally go to the gym again and try to lose all those extra lbs I have been gaining.

I hope thanksgiving and all these “weekend” holidays meals, have not cause me to go back up to 125. I work so hard to get down to 123 lbs.. and I’ll be pissed at myself it I did gain. But it’s okay, I guess, I can’t be too hard on myself.

I have been getting a lot of helpful tips on 3fatchicks, and I’ll be sure to apply it to my life and schedule. I will continue to try keep my weight in line, and I’ll get back to drilling and losing weight when my finals are over. But until then, time to hit the books again.

Good Luck everyone! 🙂 I have been reading a lot of people 3fatchicks blog and I’m so happy to see many people having great success in losing lbs this holiday season! 🙂


Healthy Living: NOT AGAIN!!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Damn it! NOt again!

I can’t believe it gets to me everytime. Another stupid eye infection. And.. this time.. it HURT!

Apparantly, I have Stye. And.. that isn’t good. So, here is what WebMD suggest i do:

What are the symptoms?

A stye usually starts as a red bump that looks like a pimple along the edge of the eyelid.

  • As the stye grows, the eyelid becomes swollen and painful, and the eye may water.
  • Most styes swell for about 3 days before they break open and drain.
  • Styes usually heal in about a week.

A chalazion starts as a firm lump or cyst under the skin of the eyelid.

  • Unlike styes, chalazia often don’t hurt.
  • Chalazia grow more slowly than styes. If a chalazion gets large enough, it may affect your vision.
  • The inflammation and swelling may spread to the area surrounding the eye.
  • Chalazia often go away in a few months without treatment.

How are they treated?

Home treatment is all that is needed for most styes and chalazia.

  • Apply warm, wet compresses for 5 to 10 minutes, 3 to 6 times a day. This usually helps the area heal faster. It may also help open a blocked pore so that it can drain and start to heal.
  • Use an over-the-counter treatment. Try an ointment (such as Stye), solution (such as Bausch and Lomb Eye Wash), or medicated pads (such as Ocusoft Lid Scrub).
  • Let the stye or chalazion open on its own. Don’t squeeze or open it.
  • Don’t wear eye makeup or contact lenses until the area has healed.

If a stye is not getting better with home treatment, talk to your doctor. You may need a prescription for antibiotic eye ointment or eyedrops. You may need to take antibiotic pills if infection has spread to the eyelid or eye.

If a stye or chalazion gets very large, the doctor may need to pierce (lance) it so it can drain and heal. Do not try to lance it yourself.

How can you prevent styes and chalazia?

  • Don’t rub your eyes. This can irritate your eyes and let in bacteria. If you need to touch your eyes, wash your hands first.
  • Protect your eyes from dust and air pollution when you can. For example, wear safety glasses when you do dusty chores like raking or mowing the lawn.
  • Replace eye makeup, especially mascara, at least every 6 months. Bacteria can grow in makeup.
  • If you get styes or chalazia often, wash your eyelids regularly with a little bit of baby shampoo mixed in warm water.
  • Treat any inflammation or infection of the eyelid promptly.

…i WILL learn to PROTECT myself from it.

Healthy Living Daily Record: 11/5/11

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Breakfast: 1 bowl fried rice + 1 bowl cereal = 350 + 150

Lunch: Mexican Salad = 350

Dinner: 2 bowl of soup + 1 bowl of other soup = 200 + 200

Midnight snake: 1 bowl cereal + 1 mini bag of cereal + 1 bowl grapes = 150 + 200+ 100

Total: 1700 calories

The good: UM.. IDK WHAT TO SAY!! Damn it. I feel bad. I did so many mess-up thing today and I am quite ashamed about myself. BUt I guess the only thing that I did “right” today, was snapping out of my “not-so-great” day.. and getting back on my feet.

The bad: WOW.. i DONT even know where to begin. This morning, I was kinda mad at my mom.. and we got into an argument.. And gosh.. I’m such a bad daughter. Sometime, my dad is right, I don’t appreciate my parents enough. They love me so much… and yet, I don’t treat them well. I need to stop that.

THAT’S IT.. i WILL! arggh. From now ON, everytime when I’m in a bad mood upon waking up.. or anything, I WILL keep thing to myself and be silent. If I’m not saying good thing, then I might as well not say anything at all. My parents are very important to me, and I will change my behavior to them. I will tape my mouth whenever I am cranky.

Another thing is that, I am so behind with my school schedule. (Lol.. aren’t I’m always behind) I NEED TO CATCH UP. That’s it, tonight is gonna be dedicated to WORKING HARD!

Right. And.. hopefully all the bad things end there for today. Also.. the calories intake today was kinda bad. I think the midnight snack screw me up! Let’s not do that again …

“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” -unknown