Healthy Living Daily Record: 10/27/11

Total Calories: 1500? I’m not even sure anymore. I didn’t count. I ate what I would ate normally.

I am kinda depressed today. Maybe it’s because I had 2 hours of sleep last night. Maybe it’s the over dose on caffeine. Or maybe, it’s my current performance in school. Or maybe, it’s because I saw my friend today. Gosh, she is still so pretty, and fashionable and stylished.. and I asked her about how she did on her midterm, and she said she did “okay”. But .. I know what “okay” mean. “Okay” mean.. she probably Ace it.

And.. I look at myself.. I was wearing a hood, my hair tied up, I was sleep deprived.. and.. I kinda felt sad. Because she is so great, and I tried to be somewhat as great as her.. and yet, I keep failing. I didn’t do so well on my midterm. Some of my expectation were let down… and worse off, I don’t think I’m losing any lbs this week. I been sleeping very little.. and at irregular hours. I’m overworking myself trying to find a better way to study.. and getting all of my school work done.

In the midst of all this madness and sadness in my life, I talked to my mom. She told me I got a lot to be greatful about.. and that I shouldn’t complain too much. And..that if I keep trying, one day, I’ll reach my dream.. and my weight goals. I’ll make it all happen someday.. if I keep trying. And,  who ever said this was easy?

I hope everyone on 3fatchicks are doing well. I am sorry I haven’t been very active. I’m trying to be.. but I need to get things figure out at school first. I haven’t done digital update in weeks. and I doubt i’ll do one this week.. But i’ll try.

Yea, maybe the late nights is getting to me, and making me all depressed and stuff like this and that.

Good night world, b/c tomorrow, I’M gonna try again. 123 lbs.. here I come .

3 Responses to “Healthy Living Daily Record: 10/27/11”

  1. unskinnygirl Says:

    whoa whoa whoa! you need to stop being so hard on yourself. I realize it sucks when you have friends who seem to just be really successful at life. looks,grades everything. but YOU cannot try to be that person. you have to be you. you have to strive to be the best version of YOURSELF. i completely get what your saying and i have been there,and thought the same thing. for myself… I was just setting myself up for failure. I don’t know how old you are… but i started to become more of myself and believe in MYSELF and do things for ME at around 25 or 26 im now 28. I stopped comparing myself to others and stopped striving for something i could never be. I just needed to be me. im slowly on my way to being a healthier version of myself. you need to do this for yourself. which im sure you are. its not a healthy or realistic goal to be like someone else. good luck with everything. but strive to be the best you can be! not like anyone else!

  2. 2hotinhere Says:

    Thank you for your kind advice 🙂 I will remember it and TRY to be the BEST that I can be! 🙂

  3. jewlz280 Says:

    Hey there 2hot! Sorry I’ve not been checking in. Sounds like you’ve had a rough time of it and I’m sorry for that, too. But what unskinny and even your Mom said is true — you have to stop striving to be someone else and you need to really appreciate who YOU are. If you want 123 because you know you feel good there that’s great, but if you’ve picked that number ONLY because the person you envy is that weight, it’s time to do some re-evaluation and figure out what it is that works for YOU. I know it’s easy to like what someone else has and want that for yourself, but the truth is you just won’t ever be happy like that. You should like you for you! Just like if you were to get involved with a guy; you’d expect him to love you for you and not because he wanted you to change into something else. That girl that you envy may SEEM wonderful to you, but I’m sure there are things that she doesn’t like about herself, too. We all have that. You may not always be 100% stylish, but when you go out to have fun you have fun! You may not be THE BEST in school, but you always try your hardest! And many times, the trying is the hard part. Mostly because in the end, you appreciate what you have SO much more than the person who gets it just by being there! So, don’t be so hard on yourself. You really ARE a great you and you don’t need to be anyone else. Get to where you want to go cause it’s what’s best for you and you will be happy. 🙂

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