UC Davis

So, I went to visit UC davis for the weekend for a medical conference. And.. I think I broke every healthy eating habit in the last 2 days.

Gosh, I don’t know where to begin with my eating habit there.. I was eating junk food left and rights.. I was eating Animal Fries from IN&OUT at 11 PM in the evening.. and was the list goes on..

I feel awfuly tried from the trip, but it was a pretty fun and crazy trip. But then again, I think it was worth it. I studied all summer.. and I deserved a little “VACATION”. (thought, this is not the best time for a vacation) .. but then again, it couldn’t be helped.

I will update my weights in a couple of days, I hope you all had a good weekend 🙂
Now, I need to play catch-up for my upcoming midterm.. I just hope I didn’t get sick.

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