Healthy Living Daily Records: 9/19/11

9/17/19 = 1500s

9/18/19 = 1500s


BreakFast: 1 bowl cereal + 1 sushi roll 😀 -> 150 + 300

lUNCH: 6 inch subway = 350

DInner: 1 BOWL RICE + 1 bowl soup + 1 bowl noodle = 400 + 200

TOTAL: 1400

THE GOOD: I didn’t exercise today, but I walk around school like crazy, so, I guess you can consider that as “being active” ..Oh, and I did all of my “necessary” errand today 😀

thE BAD: Um.. I totally did not even open the Organic chemistry book today.. feel kinda bad for not doing it. Also, I have a terrible case of eating late at night. BUt usually, when I’m tired, I usually eat out of control. THank goodness for the last 3 nights, I have been eating fruits as a midnight snack than an unhealthy snack. RIght now, school is starting again, so I hope I could get some exercise out of my normal schedule. Uh.. OH, Studies showed that a person who lack sleep tends to relate to eating a lot & eating unhealthy food. So, I’m gonna try and get a good night rest tonight at 12:30 😀 HAHA.. that’s considered early for me 🙂

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  1. jewlz280 Says:

    I agree! Lack of sleep DOES make you make poorer food choices than you normally would! I think what happens is your body is so tired that it craves the ‘instant gratification’ of the junk food since anything that is sugary or high in carbs would give you an instant little ‘pick me up’ from the sugar rush. Sadly, it doesn’t last long and then you feel worse and even hungrier! I’ve been trying to get to bed, but I’ve not been stellar at it. I think I am going to have to pick a routine and stick with it. So far, I rotate between several and I think that is what is wearing one me. That and, my little guy still gets up at night!

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