Healthy Living: Balance

I think I have found my balance. Or.. at least I am trying to discover it.

This summer, I have been through many ups and down. And I really learn something from it.

At first, I thought that with eliminated time, it wasn’t hard to get a A in a class. However, this theory was wrong, I realized that “time” can be a friend or an enemy. I realize that during the first part of my summer, I had too much time on my hand, so I use those time to play games and study. But eventually, I got addicted to games.

So, “too much time” = can be a bad thing. So, I had to do something with my time. Thus, I started reading books, going to the gyms, setting academic goals for myself. And lastly.. I would like to take up a hobby.

I want to learn piano again. Its a skill I want to keep throughout life, and play myself a nice song on those days that I feel like listening to music.

And also, I want to try video animation again. I always like animation as a little kid. It was a useful skill that I had picked up after quitting maplestory a few years back. Surprisingly, learning how to edit video has gotten me to many places I never realized I would ended up. Even though, video editing has nothing to do with medicine. It has gotten me a leadership position in high school, and then that leadership position provided me the opportunity to joining the UCI premed summer program. And before I know it, I became invovled in the healthy communities and had met many doctors and gained many mentors. All that through …video editing? haha 🙂 It really do takes me places.

So, to balance out my summer time, and using it productively. I wanted to pick up these skills again. I feel that I owe myself something to do on my free time that I can enjoy. Gaming is no longer an option for me, so I trying to find an alternative. Healthy Living is about balance. And just as I learn to manage to balance my meal, and (hopefully) my weight, I need to start to learn how to balance my life. So, I can be happy and still do the things I love. (studying, spending time with parents & friends, and enjoy the events that comes my way :] )

I’m gonna make a new page to keep a track record of my video animation release. Check it out if you got time 🙂

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