Healthy Living Daily Records: 7/25/11

I’m getting fat. My exam is in exactly 1 day. I guess it’s not the time to worry about weight. I have been up for almost 48 hours. My right eyes is still infected and hurts. But I feel great. I am happy 🙂 This is my moment.

B: cereal + banh bao = 200+ 150

L: 1 bag of cereal + subway = 350 + 200

D: 1 bowl of rice + 1 plate of grill steak + 1 plate of fish = 250 + 350 + 100

Dessert: 1 cup strawberry shake = 200

Total : 1800 calories..

The GOOD: I’m still fighting hard.

The bad: i over eat… and i’m so tried. I need sleep. and personally, i feel that i’m getting fatter. I need to step up my game.

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