Healthy Living: It’s time to Shine.

Life is tough. I have to admit it. It’s extremely tough.

I’m going through a very tough time at the moment:

-I’m going through a game addiction withdraw.

-I’m burn out from summer school

-I got a final for my multivariable class this wednesday

-I do now know how to even start studying for math..

-I made my parents dissapointed in me..

-I need to get that “A” in math.. for my GPA

-I’m gaining weight.

-I made my mom cry.. (the worse thing ever)

Yea.. life is tough.


Who ever said it was going to be easy?

no.. life was never easy. We all face problems in our lives. But overcoming difficulties is what we live for. We are alive to make things better for ourself and the people around us.

We live to smile, to make other smiles.

We live to overcome all the challenges that life throws at us.

We live not to just survive.. but to succeed and prosper.

And that is what I learn from 3fatchicks.

Many of us are here with the same goal to lose weight. But soon, we start sharing our lives on here and we make friends. They supports us during our dark time, and we can never be grateful enough.

So, back to my story. There’s all this problem that is thrown at me right now. Tonight is probably the darkest hours of my whole entire summer. Guess what I’m gonna do?

I’m going to make it. No.. I’m going to BEAT IT! I’M NOT GONNA LET ANYTHING STAND IN MY WAY. Whether its gaming addiction, whether its multivariable calculus, whether its the competition, whether it’s family problem.

I’m gonna SURVIVE AND SUCCEED. YOU BETTER BE LOOKING.. b/c BY THIS WEDNESDAY. I’m gonna go and get The “A” I deserved for MY MULTIVARIABLE CALCULUS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! + i’ll go the gym right after! 🙂 haha

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