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Healthy Living: Daily Records 6/14/11

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Breakfast: Ham Sandwhich+ 1 banana+  1 bowl of cereal : total: 100+ 250+ 50 = 400

Lunch: 2 plate of salad +1/2 apple  = total: 350

Dinner: 2 pieces of Grilled chicken thighs + 1 bowl of vegetables = 600 

Snack: 1/2 Apple + 2 cup of cherries = 190? ( i might be over-estimated, but then again, I don’t count the calories for fruits)

Exercise: jog 3 mile + walk 1/4 mile

Daily Activity: Clean up room

Daily Review:

The Good: I feel good today. I had a good cry over my grades and now I’m hitting the refresh + restart button on myself. I am determine to work harder and apply new strategy to raise my grades at school. I am going to work hard this summer break. As for my daily in-take, I manage my dinner well. I ate within my calories limit and I didn’t over-stuff myself at dinner. I feel good! 🙂

The Bad: Nothing much. I am a good girl today! 🙂 But I wish I got my task done a little faster and on time.

Healthy Living: Daily Records 6/13/11

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Breakfast: Original Instant Oatmeal + 1 cup of strawberry + 1/2 cup of raisan : total: 100+50+ 65 = 215

Lunch: 1 bowl of Rice + 1 bowl of vegetables + 1/2 bowl of fish = total: 250 + 150? + 75? = 475

Dinner: 4 Rolls of Fish Wrap (I’m not on a fish diet or anything. My mom is just in love with fish, so we eat a lot in the house. My mom is a fish lover. However, we eat out today, so I’m not sure how fattening the fish is. The following calories are based on my estimation) : total= 700? (i’m over estimating here..)

Snack: 1 Mango + 1 banana + a few strawberries: total= 200 calories  .. but I don’t count these. They are healthy sugar supplement. My healthy living would fall apart without them.

Exercise: ran 2 mile + walk 1/2 mile

Daily Activity: Relaxing at home + Grocery Shopping

Daily Review:

The Good: Nothing much. I didn’t do anything useful today other than grocery shopping. It seems like a waste of a day.(But in a way, I think i needed and deserved the break) Oh, I exercise. So, I guess that is good.

The Bad: I think I overeat today (or it feels like it) . Gosh, eating with my parents are SOO BAD! They make good food, and they encourage me to eat.. and before I know it, I always over-eat. I look bad if I don’t eat with them. I know they love me and want the best for me. But sometime, I feel like I over-eat whenever I’m with them. Either way, it’s not their fault. It’s mine. I need to learn how to control my hunger and appetite better.  ( I NEED TO A NEW STRATEGY TO CURVE MY APPETITE FROM OVER EATING!!..because Plan #1 failed!)

Plan #2: Okay, so next time when I eat with my parents. I will plan out how much I’m going to eat. Then, I’m going to plan out how much room I’m going to leave for Fruits. This way, when I eat, I’ll take under account that I’ll be eating much more than just the meal, I need to save room for dessert. So, i’ll plan my dessert WITH my meal.

Digital Update: 6/12/11

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

BOO YEA!!! A very successful Photoshoot! 😀

Healthy Living: Daily Records 6/11/11

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

inspired by: iamerican

So, I decided to make a new catagories in my blog. Since its summer, I will be eating a lot of my meal at home. ANd its all home cook food. Thus, I won’t be able to calculate exactly how much calories I am consuming. Thus, I’ll keep this “Daily Records” blog to record what I am eating and doing.

Breakfast: 1 Bowl of cereal (Kashi: Go Lean Original) + 1 bowl of cereal ( Kashi: Go Lean Crunch) + 1 cup of strawberries = Total: 400 calories?

Lunch: Ramen + slice of bread = total: 284 + 70 = 354

Dinner: 1 bowl of brown rice + 2 bowl of vegetables + 1 bowl of Cho Mein + 1 mango = TOTAL:  700 calories? (if I’m lucky?.. I don’t know the exact calories for this because my mom cooks the food. Thus, I can just cross my fingers for the best. But I’m sure it’s within the 700s. I can just feel it)

Snack: Mostly Grapes + 1 banana. But I don’t count fruits as calories. They are my sugar supplement.

Exercise: ran 2 mile + walk 1/2 mile

Other Daily activites: Spent days playing video games.


The Good: First off, I am still going through a depression about my grades at school. I have been spending time thinking over my grades and why did I do so poorly in my last trimesters. Thus, I have been lazy when it comes to doing anything that is related school. But, I found exercising have really help me recover from this sadness. Today, I jog for 2 miles and spending time thinking over what I did wrong. I find the jog really helpful because it really clear my mind. I enjoy being outside for once. Also, afterward, I took a slow walk for 1/2 a mile. I needed the time to recover from my breathless jog and to relax my mind.

I feel accomplished today. I spent time with the people that I love, and I also did something for myself by exercising. I am currently gaining weight and the scale is really showing. I don’t know if I can be able to pull off a 121 lbs in the scale by tomorrow for my weekly weight-in. Usually, when my muscles are sore from exercising,  it always make me appear heavier on the scale. Well, either way, I’m glad that I exercise today and I can really feel the burn in some part of my body.

Lastly, I need to learn how to regulate my eating habit. I am excerising a lot more now, so I will be hungier. Thus, I need to limit and watch what I eat. I want to be 115 lbs. So, I really need to keep my eating plan constant and increase my exercising rate.  I have been craving for sugar lately, but I think my body is learning to adapt. But again, everything will be done in step-by-step. The key here is moderation.

The Bad: I need a better control of my eating habit at dinner. I am going to drink 2 glass of water before eating dinner. Then eat extremely slowly and chew every bit. (5 minutes per bowl).. and finish dinner with my regulated meal schedule. And wait 10 minutes, before going to dessert. [THIS IS GONNA BE HARD. BUT I think I can do it]

**Also, Tomorrow is also my photoshoot day! I am exciting and looking forward to it. I bought some cute outfit this week! 🙂

Healthy Living:Daily Records 6/11/11

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I know, what’s a girl favorite thing in the world? Eating + Shopping

So, today, I did just that! 🙂 It was beautiful. But even though I was having a couple of snacks while shopping, I tried to keep it in the Healthy zone, so, here is my calories count today. (I decided to post this one up because it was something different to my daily routine)

Breakfast: Instant Original oatmeal + Cereal+ Raisen+ 1 cup of strawberries = 400 Calories? (estimated)

Lunch: 1 bowl of Rice + Fried Fish+ 1 bow of veggies = 400 calories? (estimated)

Snack: 1 Passion Tea + 1/2 Oatmeal Raisan cookies = 80 + 100 = 180 calories

Dinner: 1 bowl of rice + 2 bowl of veggies + Fish = 600

—————-> YIKE! TODAY WAS BAD! 🙁 I think I over did it with the sugary snack. But I went out with my cousin, so I had to eat something, or she thinks I’m a HEALTH Freak. (which is not the impression I am trying to present.)

But anyway, here is the sugary snack that I have today, I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Always Hungry? How to Tell if You Really Need to Eat

Thursday, June 9th, 2011
This article was adapted by Shine:Healthy Living: [link]
I thought this post was helpful because sometime, I do find myself struggling to define my hunger and if it is appropiate to eat or not! 🙂

Our appetite signal can’t be trusted. For proof, just look at all the overweight people in this country, who consume more calories than their bodies need. The next time you get the urge to eat, here’s how to tell if your hunger is genuine

:1. Look for a slow build. Physical hunger comes on gradually, while emotional hunger is sudden.

2. Listen for the growl. When your stomach is truly empty, it’ll feel hollow, and you’ll experience gurgling and hunger pangs.

3. Ask yourself what you’re hungry for. True hunger can be satisfied with any food. If only a particular food will do, you’re not really hungry. (Hint: If you want that cake instead of an apple you aren’t truly hungry!)

4. Wait 10 minutes. Hit the timer on the stove or the one on your sports watch and distract yourself with a task until you hear the ding. Usually by that time, if it’s a craving, it will have passed.

5. Drink eight ounces of water. Many people confuse hunger with thirst, thinking they need food when their bodies actually need fluids. So drink a glass of water, then wait 10 minutes. If you’re still hungry, it’s legitimate.

6. Stick something else in your mouth. If gum, a lollipop, or a mint satisfies you, it’s an oral craving, not hunger.

Digital Update: 6/5/11

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

No digital update this week. But here is a picture taken from last week! 🙂

[6/5/11] My scale show this weight today. I was caught off surprise. Eventhough I know I don’t really weight 120, just looking at the number makes me feel happy. Thus, I’ll keep it this week. )