Healthy Living: Patience

I have been dissapointed in myself lately. I want am gaining weight again.

I want to lose weight so bad.. and so fast. I am always rushing myself to lose weight.

But now that I think about it, what’s the rush? Why I am in such a rush to be in a certain lbs? It took years of eating and slacking off to get me to where I am today. Thus, it will take time for my body to adjust and change. Thus, I shouldn’t rush myself, I should learn to be patience with myself: To understand that I cannot excerise everyday because of my busy schedule; yo understand that I can still make healthy eating decision, to understand that it takes time and practice to be able to adapt to a certain living style; and most important, to work hard everyday and be patience with myself. Because if I am eating correctly, and being active, then my body will change with time.

And if it requires extra effort for me to lose to 115 lbs, then I will adjust my lifestyle accordingly and find a way to squeeze a few trips to the gym. I think, in the end, everything takes time.

….and I feel good today. I went to the gym for the first time in weeks. Though, there is a lot of improvement I need to make to change my eating style.

“We are what we repeatedly do” -William Blake”

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  1. gertiev Says:

    I really admire your dedication towards a healthy and fit life. But you have to realize that there’s never a quick fix. Losing weight (the healthy permanent) way takes time. You didn’t gain weight overnight, so it’s logical to say that you won’t lose it overnight either.

    Stay strong and be patient. You will get there 🙂

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