Healthy Living Quarter Analysis: Grades + Father Day

Quarterly Assessment:

Today, I want to assess my quarterly activities.

I recently adopted Healthy Living in the beginning of my 3rd Quarter of my freshman year in college. During this 3 months, I have learn a lot and lost nearly 10 lbs. (Nearly…) Meanwhile, my grades is doing “okay”. But I’m still disappointed in it.

The Academic Side: First , I feel very disappointed in myself. I wanted to get straight A’s this quarter in college, and I “kinda” got it, but it wasn’t perfect. I finish the year with a 3.8 GPA. For a regular college student, this GPA is good, however, for a pre-med student, it’s not enough. My first year in college GPA was suppose to be my buffer GPA, for the next 3 years. The classes, the students, and the competition is going to get a lot harder in the next 3 years. SO, I needed a buffer GPA. However, my current GPA doesn’t allow me enough buffer room. This mean, I need to maintain this GPA for the next 3 years! (which is extremely hard…Thus, I’m kinda disappointed in myself) In order to secure a seat for me in UCLA Medical school (or any Medical school in California), I need a 3.8 GPA by the time of my application (which is 4th year). This brings to my concern, how am I going to maintain my GPA that high, when next year is going to be the killer year of all pre-med?

The Healthy Living Side: As for my weight, overall, it’s pretty good. I lost a significant amount of weight, to the point my I notice the changes in my clothes size. I am very happy and proud of myself. However, I could have done better, a lot better. I still need to lose to 115. So, I’m far from accomplishing this.In addition, I notice that my look have distracted me from my grades. I worry more about my look, and spends less time studying. I waste so much time on looking up clothes and make-up tutorials rather than studying. And I am still unable to manage certain amount of calories that I can eat.


The Academic Side: It’s really all my fault. I got no one to blame other than my carelessness self. I had complete control over my grades, but I didn’t do it to the best of my abilities. I procrastinated, made stupid decisions, and did not give it “my all” 100% of the time. There are days where I was extremely lazy. I regret it. But, I am willing to accept all of my flaws. No matter what GPA I get or any difficulties I face in my life, IT WILL NEVER PREVENT ME FROM GETTING INTO A MEDICAL SCHOOL! I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR! And I know I’ll be the BEST doctor to the best of my abilities. There are so much things I want to do with this profession. So much people I want to help.

However, even though I accept myself for my flaws, it does not mean I am happy with it. So, This summer, I am taking summer classes to Improve my GPA. I will practice better studying strategies and methods to improve the effectiveness of my studying skills. I will need to discipline myself. I am going to make it happen!

The Healthy Living Side: I am going to continue Healthy Living. I am going to keep my calories intake at the 1200-1500. Also, I’ll be going to the gym this summer. I will get up at 5:30 every morning, drive to UCI, and work at the gym, and attend class at 8am. So, this will allow me to 1 hours of exercise per day.

By the end of this month, I want to be 120 lbs. By the end Summer, I want to be 115 lbs.

Final Goal: In the next school year, I want to kick ass in my classes! And I want to look good doing it! 🙂

NOW.. i will need to plan to make this happen! Because..

“Nothing in life, that is ever worth it, comes easy”

Happy Father Day 🙂

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