Healthy Living: Unworthy Spending Guilt

I have a confession to make.  I have been extremely bad following the healthy living path. It’s not because I am sick of my routine or eating style or anything. But I am unable to controll myself from spending.

It might sound wierd but here goes nothing..

I am doing fine following a Healthy living lifestyle. I eat properly and I manage to keep my calories count within its range daily (or most of the time..) But, since summer break hit, i found it extremely hard. My mom cook really good meals and I eat a lot. I always get bloated and full after dinner. But lately, I manage to adapt to this living style.

However, I am out more often. When I go to the movies or shopping, I can’t help but buy snack or unhealthy food. I know the solution would to bring something healthy to eat along; however, I don’t want to look like a health freak infront of my friends. I want to appear “normal”. Thus, it lead me to buying junk food and snack that I don’t normally eat, and then I would eat those food. This lead me to gaining a few pounds.

But lately, I have been throwing these food away.I would take a few bite from the food and then feel extremely guilty, so then I trashed the food even when I’m not finished with it.  Just yesterday, I threw away a perfectly good Milk Tea Boba drink and today, I threw away a whole pretzel from Wetzel Pretzel. I FEEL EXTREMELY GUILTY and ashame of my wastefulness.

I don’t know why, I just can’t help buying these food. When I go out, I am surrounded by food stores and junk food. People around me are eating all these unhealthy stuff.. and I can’t help buying these food. Also, being around a crowd eating, I feel provoke to buy something also.

This is the last straw….


From now on, when I go out with anyone or with myself. I will ask myself 5 questions and spend 10 minutes contemplating before making my decision.

1. Will you be able to finish the food?

2. Will you be able to eat the food without regretting it later?

3. How will this affect your calories consumption?

4. What is in it? Is it worth to be in your body?

5.  Wait 10 minute: Repeat several time –Will this help me achieve my weight goals? Is it worth it?

2 Responses to “Healthy Living: Unworthy Spending Guilt”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    🙂 I totally relate to this post. I don’t want to be overly strict in front of my friends but I notice none of my friends really finish all their food anyway. Eating out is definitely one of the hard parts of trying to lose weight!

  2. jewlz280 Says:

    I think your plan sounds good, but you also want to be balanced. For example, the pretzel. If you wanted it and you bought it, there is NOTHING wrong with eating a few bites to satisfy that craving and then throwing it away. Now, I’m not saying to do it all the time. Maybe sometimes take a snack and sometimes buy. But when you buy and just want a few bites, don’t feel bad. Think of it this way, they restaurant would throw it away eventually anyways! So, go have a good time with your friends, sometimes take healthy snacks and sometimes have your junk. But NEVER feel guilty for making good decisions for YOU. Even if you DO waste a couple of bucks. Better than feeling guilty over the calories! 😀

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